I purchased the Big Buck Hunter Pinball machine as a christmas gift for my wife. I can not tell you how pleased I am with it. I know my wife will love it as well. My son and I accepted delivery in MA and transported the machine to our cabin in Maine. Following the instructions, set up was a breeze. The theme of this game fits perfectly with our remote cabin in the Maine woods. The machine was very well packaged and arrived in super condition.
MARK S.Wilmington, MA
Thanks again for your help after the fact. A lot of businesses would have had a different attitude, something along the lines of you are on your own. I work at the biggest new car dealership in the state of Ohio, and we know the importance of customer service after the point of delivery. Your efforts have been outstanding, I will recommend you to anyone in the market.
BARRY K.Medina, OH
We purchased the Addam’s Family pinball machine from The pinballsarcadegames. We had used the machine in several arcades and loved the different features. We searched online to purchase the machine for our finished basement and found it listed in several places including Ebay, Craig’s List and The pinballsarcadegames After doing research, we found the machine to be slightly more expensive at The pinballsarcadegames. However, the tech support they provide is extremely valuable, not available from the other sources, and well worth the extra cost in the purchase of the machine. The Addam’s Family machine is vintage early 1990’s and is a complicated machine comprised of many solenoids, switches, and wires. We bought the machine through Brooke and Nic Parks at The pinballsarcadegames and they have been wonderful to work with. We use our pinball machine a lot and have had a few problems over the past 18 months. Most of the problems have been very simple – like a wire becoming detached. Our most serious problem involved the main display going out. In each case I was able to speak with Nic and he walked me through diagnostics. I am somewhat handy and have been able to fix all the problems to date with Nic’s guidance. He has also sent parts at little or no cost. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase through The pinballsarcadegames and their ongoing support!
STEVE & JELENE I.Owensboro, KY
I wanted to thank you for standing behind your product after the trucking company damaged the pinball machine. You kindly replaced the broken door and plunger which I installed today with the help of the video that you sent along explaining how to switch out the parts. In putting together my game room there were two items that were damaged during shipment, the other company refused to either help me or call me back and it cost me $500 to repair the game. I want to highly recommend your company to any person looking for a pinball machine as they can be assured that you will stand behind your product. Thanks again for your help.
ERICH B.Franconia, NH