Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine


Product Details

Product Dimension
Width – 182 cm / 72 inches
Length – 158 cm / 62 inches
Height – 178.5 cm / 70 inches
Weight – 417 kg / 919 lbs
12 Month Domestic / 6 Month Commercial
Key Information
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – No
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – Yes


Manufacturer: Taito 

Year of Release: 2004

About The Game:  Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine

Battle Gear 3 is the ultimate racing game! 

generally, From the fastest to the strongest, with Battle Gear 3 racing games plunged into a new dimension.

The realistic operation unit provides a first hand driving experience, plus, including a reactive steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake pedal, again, a front-back shifting lever and an emergency brake.

Again, This game has been designed to achieve authenticity and is also equipped with view-changing buttons and a hazard button.

Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine

Game features:

  • There are 33  car models from 6 manufacturers offering the widest selection in any Battle Gear game – and Battle Gear 3 has dramatically improved the technique to simulate reactions and sound properties of individual cars, as well as instrument panels and gauges
  • Also, Hot competition in the Time Attack mode now becomes even hotter
  • Again, Totally renewed courses, take your favorite car and race through seasonal landscapes
  • Plus, All the courses have been completely upgraded – now there are 14 courses for beginners and professionals!

Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine

The machine is complete, fully functioning and has been reviewed by a highly qualified pinball technician. This beautiful machine really needs a new home.  cabinet is perfect. No wear. in addition, No fading, The playfield is very good, Boards are original and function 100%. Translite is great as well.


Overall excellent condition. plus, Cabinet is in excellent condition, playing surface awesome, all mechanics work properly. If you would like to see more close-up pictures or video, let me know.

The game goes through service checklist to make sure it is 100% fully operational and looks great! Again, What you see is what you getting.

All electronic boards are inspected, serviced, Inspected and any burnt connectors and repaired and replaced if need be. plus, Fuses are checked and correct fuse values installed (safety issue to prevent damage to the game or a fire) .


Additional information

Weight 417 kg
Dimensions 158 × 182 × 178.5 cm


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