Buy Steepleton Jive Rock Sixty Replica Jukebox


Product Details

Product Dimensions
Width – 29 cm / 11 inches
Length – 19 cm / 7 inches
Height – 40 cm / 16 inches
Key Information
Coin Operated – No
Media – Digital
Mounting – Free Standing
Touchscreen – No
Size – Miniature Replica
iPod / MP3 Connection – Yes
Bluetooth – No



The Jive Rock Sixty is an affordable, widely-compatible mini jukebox replica for your home. Buy Steepleton Jive Rock Sixty Replica Jukebox

Designed to sit comfortably on a table top, Also, the small Jive Rock Sixty boasts a range of compatibility options and can play media from lots of different sources. plus, Old-fashioned listeners can make good use of the front-loading CD player or the MW-FM radio, whilst those with more modern hardware can connect with the Jive Rock Sixty remotely via Bluetooth, or plug an MP3 player into the aux-in socket. Again,  Tracks can even be added via USB or SD card.

Sound is then reproduced from speakers inside this beautifully-finished sealed wooden cabinet, also, with excellent clarity and a full, deep bass tone. Also, Color-changing LED lighting surrounds the unit for an authentic jukebox visual effect, and the magnetic CD player door and half-moon LED display surround also feature red, blue and green light displays. Also, Use the included remote control to browse your music library, or pop a set of headphones on for a more private listening experience. Buy Steepleton Jive Rock Sixty Replica Jukebox


Key Features

  • Small, also, highly functional jukebox replica.
  • Front-loading CD player with magnetic door and LED light display.
  • LCD information screen with LED light display and half-moon surround.
  • Fully-functional remote control handset.
  • Play music via Bluetooth, CD, SD card, again, USB stick, 3.5mm audio-in jack or radio.
  • LED tube lighting display with sound-to-light mode.
  • Two 3-inch 8W stereo speakers.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Audio-out jack.
  • Free delivery.
  • Versatile replica jukebox with Bluetooth.
  • Vertical front-loading CD player.
  • Plays from CD, USB, SD card, plus aux-in jack and MW-FM radio.
  • Color-shifting LED tube lighting with sound-synchronized setting.
  • Includes remote control.

Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 29 × 40 cm


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