–great backglass with no flaking (one small mark–see picture)
–solid cabinet with great color (few dings–see pictures) but nothing major
–100% LED’d (Comet 2-way cool whites for GI, Comet 2-way natural whites in backbox and 4-way Comet non-ghosting in inserts)
–good plastics with one small nick on the corner of 1 plastics (see picture)
–great displays with no lines out
–strong flippers
–almost 100% working machine (there’s 8 lights out in the inserts that are all on the same row) might need repinned on that cable
–machine plays fast and strong
–clean boards (couldn’t find any hacks)
–great playfield for a System 9 (great candidate for a Hardtop)
–good legs and feet
–very rare System 9 that doesn’t become available often in this shape
–recently shopped (cleaned, waxed and new rubbers)

–dings on cabinet (see pictures)
–small mark on backglass (see pictures)
–slight playfield wear around a few inserts (see pictures)
–one pop bumper skirt has a small crack in it (see pictures)
–one plastic is busted at the tip (see pictures)





  • U-Shock Board
  • 32″ LCD Screen
  • Player interaction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Realistic Pinball action


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