great looking Ripley’s pinball. I’ve given up on my quest for reaching Atlantis. It plays fantastic and very fast. I just completed a major shop job including tumbling all metal, flipper rebuilds, cleaning and polishing playfield, ramp flaps, cliffies, rubbers, etc. Plays 100% with zero issues. The only item to note is someone touched up minor flipper button wear and covered with mylar, otherwise the game looks and plays new. The playfield, boards, and plastics are in excellent condition.



The game goes through a rigorous refurbishment process and service checklist by professional pinball technicians to make sure it is 100% fully operational and looks great!
All electronic boards are inspected, serviced, Inspected and any burnt connectors and repaired and replaced if need be.

Fuses are checked and correct fuse values installed (safety issue to prevent damage to the game or a fire)
Cabinet vacuumed, outside of cabinet cleaned and inspected for any issues
The playfield is stripped down and all plastics, ramps, and mechanisms are cleaned and the playfield is polished.


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