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Selling my 2007 Family Guy pinball Machine from Stern pinball.

The game has been completely shopped and gone through. It has been deeply cleaned, re-rubbered with black rings, and thoroughly adjusted. The game has non-ghosting color matched LEDs in the inserts and cool white in the GI lighting. I’ve installed the Stewie Pinball decal mod and put a cliffy protector over the TV scoop, as well as put a new decal on for N insert near the kickout. The DMD display is crisp, flippers are strong, and the game plays great. The right slingshot plastic is chipped and the cabinet has a few very minor dings.

Previous owner removed the original Pawtucket Ale decal and have purchased a replacement as well as the root beer decal. I decided to hold off installing the new decal until sold so that the buyer can get whatever they prefer.

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The game goes through a rigorous refurbishment process and service checklist by professional pinball technicians to make sure it is 100% fully operational and looks great!
All electronic boards are inspected, serviced, Inspected and any burnt connectors and repaired and replaced if need be.

Fuses are checked and correct fuse values installed (safety issue to prevent damage to the game or a fire)
Cabinet vacuumed, outside of cabinet cleaned and inspected for any issues
The playfield is stripped down and all plastics, ramps, and mechanisms are cleaned and the playfield is polished.


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