Buy Twilight Zone Pinball Machine


Height: 77″
Width: 28″
Depth: 58″

250 lbs


Buy Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

TZ in excellent condition. Super clean. Works great! Beautiful Twilight Zone, Everything works perfectly and the cabinet and play-field are in great condition. Buy Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

Extremely nice tz that has been well cared for. Cabinet graphics are bright and excellent condition. The coin door, lock down bar, side rails all look new. Again, Everything works and plays 100% . I have owned this machine a long time and it has been trouble free and a real joy to have in my collection.

The wiring on this is labled at the plugs and you can tell it was well cared for . The playfield is bright and shiny. Their is a lot added on this machine so i will list. 1. Pinstadium light [phone number removed] Mirror blades
3. Street lamp 4. Rocket ship 5. Susie extra balll girl 6. Robot 7. Gumballs 8. Pyramid. 9. Tv that plays clips from tz.
I left the stock lighting as i prefer the soft glow and added the pinstadium lights that perfectly light the field and are tied to the rocket flasher for really incredible lighting effects, in that light, especially during multi ball.

The mirror blades add so much depth and with all the toys its so much to look at. Just cleaned, waxed playfield and changed rubbers along with new ninja pinballs. Also, If you pick up i can have it waiting to load in heated garage so super easy or i can wait and you can see it play and ill help load no worries. Will trade for the right deal ( toward a potc le or ce. Toward a willy wonka ce only i have an le now, really any jersey jack title le or

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 58 × 28 × 77 cm


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