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This getaway is special and original.

Game is very clean, strong flippers, playfield is very nice, LEDs throughout and the cabinet has some really nice color (original from what I can tell) which is rare and only minor touch up and has a little spot underneath the cab but def a nice example. Color DMD and so much more.

Presents really well – super nice. Plays error free. Has some hard to find mods too.

Here’s the breakdown:

0) Red powder coat (looks great)
1) Color DMD
2) Mountain mod (can’t buy anymore)
3) Mirror blades
4) Updated Getaway Sign on the Charger
5) Cop Car Mod
6) Red and Blue Cop Light topper
7) Donut shop Mod
Turn key Starter Mod
9) Titan Rubbers
10) LED strips
11) Apron Decal
12) Coin door decal
13) Keyless Entry
14) extra plastic by ramp entrance
15) Car sign on the left ramp
16) Updated rubbers

Color DMD (LCD-new)
rottendog CPU with nvram
new hinges-installed interior metal braces for the hinge pivots as in later models
new becon motor(installed) and dome(uninstalled)
new decals-full set (not installed)
mr_tantrums spinner mod along with various other decals he makes
mr_tantrum’s stop light
new speakers-8in subwoofer-speaker panel was cut out for the 5.25 in speakers
new glass ( not installed)
comet leds
full set of Cliffys(some not installed)
flippers rebuilt- all coil sleeves replaced
new legs(chrome)
new williams corner brackets


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