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Very nice original fish tales Forsale That has been thoroughly shopped.
New legs and levelers
New playfield glass
New Fish Topper
Comet LEDs
Flipper rebuilds
Reel lock Mech rebuilt

Fish Tales in overall good condition. The playfield is beautiful with Comet LEDs/flashers on the inserts, backbox and GI . There is some slight insert wear which is common in this title, but in game it is masked well. The cabinet is in great shape with no fade on either side. There are a few scuffs and wear on the left cabinet side but overall it looks great. The translight is in really nice shape. The rubbers and fish wheel gasket are brand new and the flippers have Super bands installed. There are a few broken plastics but nothing major. The topper is fully working and the dome top is intact, so you can feel every tug on the line, tail slap and boat knock that you remember from this classic title. The boards are clean. The game was just torn down, fully cleaned and plays lightning fast. I spent a lot of time and love on this game to get it looking its best. Everything is working 100%. Overall this a vivid example of this title that would make a perfect gift for the holidays, although you may need a bigger boat for your Christmas tree.


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