Buy Earth Shaker Pinball machine


Excellent condition Earthshaker. Here’s everything:
– Playfield is in great shape (a few Mylar bubbles)
– Plays perfect, no errors
– Display is bright and vibrant
– Cabinet is bright and in solid condition (a few scrapes and small chips)
-Backglass is in great condition (one small area apparently rubbed off)
– New Ramps (unfortunately, center ramp flap oxidized a bit during a few high humidity days we had)
– New full rubber kit
– Red perfect play posts installed throughout
– Red perfect play rubbers on slingshots
– Red super bands on all three flippers
– Blue cabinet protectors
– Cliffy protectors on Ramps and scoops
– Premium LEDS throughout Playfield, GI, and backglass
– Premium LED rings on the three pop bumpers
– LED post lights on slingshot posts
– New balls
– New custom instruction cards
– Every inch of playfield has been cleaned and waxed.

Plug and play.


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