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This is a Data East Checkpoint pinball machine Forsale. All of the boards are clean Plays great. The back glass looks very nice. The playfield is shop out and looks great to be original. Overall a nice condition machine.

Extremely fun and fast Porsche racing pinball game. This game looks and plays great.
Start your game by turning the key, then choose from 6 different music genres, including Country, Rock, Jazz, Rap, Classical and Soul. Can you get the high speed record? The Shaker motor shakes the machine when you start the engine and race through the track. The shaker motor is strong and gives you that race car feeling.
This was the first pinball game to ever use a dot matrix display and it works great.

All new rubbers, New Rottendog Power supply, new balls, All new LED’S, cabinet leg protectors, Original NOS drop target decals, new spinner decal. The back glass is in excellent condition. NVRAM installed and batteries removed.
There is some minor wear, generally around the pop bumpers and top of the shooter lane. Can easily be touched up and have mylar installed around the pop bumpers.


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