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This is a 1981 Bally Centaur pinball machine up Forsale. They are very hard to come across in this condition. It has a brand new MPU board. All of the other boards are clean. Connectors have been repined. It plays 100%. The back glass is new as is all of the glass trim. The playfield has been taken all the way down cleaned and waxed. There has been lots of new parts installed on the playfield. The condition of the playfield is very nice to be original. A good playing game. Playfield is in good condition, back glass in good condition. Has been on single owner location hold, HUO, Single owner machine purchased NIB and has held up well. Cabinet is in great shape The cabinet is in nice condition too considering it is all original. Overall this machine has been well taken care of. If you want a very nice original Centaur you will like this one.

Backglass is original and in near mint condition. It has a new metal lift bar and plastic trim.
Playfield installed is new (CPR Gold) and the surface is clearcoated.
All the mechanisms (bumpers, slingshots, drop target assemblies, flippers, etc.) were fully disassembled and cleaned before being installed on the new playfield.
All the switches were also cleaned with new caps installed where originally used.
Flippers were rebuilt (new E.O.S., new coil stops, new plungers, new flipper switches on cabinet, new bats, new buttons, etc.).
All new #44/#47 lamp sockets were installed on the backbox panel and playfield.
LED bulbs were installed throughout the machine (behind the backglass, under the plastics, and on the bottom side of the playfield). Three small adapter boards were installed on the lamp driver board for LED compatibility.
The full set of plastics is new.
The 12 drop targets and the six rollover guides are new.
The two bumper caps, rings, bodies, and skirts are new.
A new set of rubbers was installed.
The backbox and lower cabinet were fully repainted matching the original artwork and colors.
The interior is extremely clean and all new labels were installed throughout.
CPU, power supply board, “Say It Again” board, and solenoid driver board are new.
The other boards are excellent originals made by Bally. All of them were serviced and are working without problems.
The set of displays is working 100% OK with excellent brightness and without segments or digits missing or always “on”.
Sounds and speech are clear (Squawk & Talk sound board was recapped) and the echo from the “Say It Again” board is working correctly.
The playfield glass is new.
Metal side rails are new.
A new coin door skin was installed. The rear side was fully disassembled and every piece was individually gone through.
Front door and backbox have locks with the corresponding keys. A plastic keychain is also included.
Legs were repainted and they look like new.
Original coin box is present.
Manual with the schematics is also included.


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