Buy Batman 66 Super Limited Edition Pinball Machine



This is a mint condition HUO Batman 66 Super Limited Edition Forsale. Single owner machine purchased NIB. There are no cosmetic or mechanical issues with the game, with a very low number of plays. On purchase of the pin, a full set of cliffy protectors were installed, and then a full PETG playfield protector before the first ball was ever played. This sale includes alternate translites for the Premium and Limited Batman 66 edition cabinets and all original paperwork. This has been in a pet free and smoke free home.

This game has been the showpiece of my collection since the day it arrived. It is perfect and has been tastefully modded. never played a single ball on the playfield until I put on a clear playfield protector. That means that there is not a single dimple on the game. The protector just sits on the playfield so it could easily be removed if you do not like it (you would have to use scissors if you do not want to remove the ramps and crane). The game plays beautifully with it on.


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