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This is a Nice 1990 Data East Back to the Future All of the boards are clean Plays 100%. The Display is bright. It has been all shop out. The playfield is in good condition for the age It was all cleaned and waxed. All of the Playfield plastic is good and ramps are too. The Cabinet looks nice and the color still looks great.


Brand new Comet LEDs throughout-all GI, all feature lamps, and backbox; minus flashers

Brand new playfield glass
New balls and cabinet leg protectors
New Titan orange flipper bands
Playfield plastics and ramps in good shape
Shooter lane is super clean
Display is very strong
Backglass is also very good: 9.5/10
Cabinet is in really nice shape, tastefully touched up
Brand new drop targets and decals will be here any day and will be installed


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