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Brand new xpin display installed and a brand new upper playfield subway and main playfield ramp installed.
100% working and fully shopped. Pictures speak for themselves. VERY nice machine.

Game works 100%.
Both playfields clearcoted, game completely restored to as much of an original condition as possible.
All coils and flippers have been torn down and cleaned and are very strong.
New CPR backglass and plastics set, plastics protectors, new sub ramp, new main ramp, every metal part polished to mirror finish, new legs, new cabinet protectors, new coin box cover, new coil rappers, new rubbers etc. etc.
Inserts have LED’s and inserts are not cracked like most of these system 11’s.
Displays work fine and are nice and crisp.
Different colored motocross mods added over corresponding playfield targets and smaller bikes with LED’s added on the slingshot plastics.


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