Pinball Restoration, repairs and service. Buy Pinballs And Arcades

Our specialized staff can bring your old pinball back to new. Buy Pinballs And Arcades
We offer:

  • Playfield protection
  • LED lighting
  • Board repairs
  • Cabinet artwork
  • Flipper kits
  • Playfield plastics
  • Chrome plating
  • and much more

With over 20 years of experience,  our technicians can bring your old game back to life. We carry out a wide range of arcade game repairs.  Buy Pinballs And Arcades

We specialize in arcade video game and pinball repairs from the 90’s to present.

From minor repairs to full restoration

We offer on site and in house repair.

All of our arcade game repairs are carried out by experienced amusement technicians.

We also repair:

Arcade games:

  • joysticks
  • buttons
  • monitors and chassis’
  • video game pcbs
  • power supplies
  • transformers
  • wiring looms and more.


If you require an arcade game repaircontact us for a quote.





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