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Published: July 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


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Download 🗸🗸🗸 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






A first person puzzle experience mixing a story, puzzling and exploration!
Become the main character Patrick, find the truth about his father’s death and try to put your life back together. 
Use your brain and you will find your way!
* Use different game options to adjust the gameplay and characteristics.
* Use the DS menu to create a journal, use inventory and system view.
* Have fun with self-recorded puzzles, they are easy to do.
* Find reasons to search for new objects and pages.
* Look for hints to solve puzzles.
* Use the map to explore different areas in the house.
* Talk to the people. 
Search for hidden objects and use the inventory to store items.
Dealing with other people will result in interaction with different persons.
Feel the emotion, fear and doubts.
Use the diary pages and notes to collect information and later on use them as an option during the game. 
TURN ON MUSIC, USE AUDIO CARDS and change your preferences (sound, flashlight, screen-off). 
* “STORE DESK” and “JOURNAL” (pages saved)
* Game can be paused and saved if needed
* Audio/visual and system settings
* “SELECT AUDIO CARDS” and change their names
* “STORE FRONT” and “SOUND SUB” (more than 1. 
* “USE CELLS” and change their name
* “AUTOPILOT” and switch it on
* “LIGHTS” and change them
* “GAMEOVER” and “VIDEO MOVER” (if the game pauses, continue from the point when paused)
* “GRAPHICS” and “BGM” (Music player)
* “EVENTS” and check them


Features Key:

  • Build a platform runner.Run, jump, collect hearts and coins, and avoid the obstacles around you” – you have to do all this while trying not to fall off the screen in the dreamy new platform runner featuring 16 unlockable levels and crazy bugs!
  • Explore cute and mysterious island. “Beautiful hand-drawn landscapes and pretty bright, colorful and dreamy world” – just shoot a ball to get treasure! You have to avoid scary traps, avoid collisions with obstacles, collect roses and coins.

Visit Wilma in over 6 hours long episodes.
Game limits:

120MB of free space
RATED E for everyone
Please note that this game requires Unity3D.
And installing Unity3D is easy, just follow the
Unity3D Windows Installer. Please note that you need to have some Unity3D program running in the background for your game to work properly.

Wilma’s Dreams Game is inspired by Run and Jump


  • iOS: 9.0+
  • Android: 2.1+
  • Windows: 7/8/10
  • OS X: 10.11+


Wilma’s Dreams (LifeTime) Activation Code

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Wilma’s Dreams Activator Download [March-2022]

It’s a haunting story of macabre dreams and mistaken identity, horror and horror. From the creator of the award-winning award-winning YARRRRR!7/10 @OppahrSchaap
Features This ContentA Halloween set of scenes, arranged in five vignettes based on the complete-with-all-the-quot;epic story!" of Wilma, each scene written by a different fan, and featuring up-to-date (or really, really, old) art.Five character-themed vignettes with accompanying artwork by seven (yes, seven) incredibly talented artists.
About This ContentFollowing the success of her award-winning RPG "YARRRRR!!," Anne Kessen creates a Halloween set of interactive scenes featuring Wilma, an eldritch creature who is not only a hero but also a survivor of a creepy hell dimension.
The work of seven incredible artists makes "Wilma" not only a haunted Halloween set, but a life-changing, memory-making experience for fans and newcomers alike!
"This content is not meant to be viewed on your browser…. instead, please download, install, and run the game and experience the “Wilma” for yourself,“ said Anne Kessen, who conceived the concept for "Wilma."
Pack Includes
"Awakening Wilma" (30 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"Wilma\: Wants Her Candy" (31 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"The Eyes of Wilma" (32 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"Silhouette of Wilma" (32 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"Lullaby of Wilma" (31 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"Killing Wilma" (32 Mb) is a H.264/MP4 pack;
"Wilma “Again”“ (36 Mb) is a H.264/MP4


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