VERLIES II – Verlies Origins

by sahacal
Published: July 30, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


Download —>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download —>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Verlies is a dungeon crawler / Hack & Slash taking place in dungeons filled with deadly traps, chests and other randomly generated stuff. You will be facing enemies, searching for equipment and powerful scrolls, and meeting NPCs offering various services for a fee. All of this being randomly generated, from start to finish (spells’ cost and power, enemies’ strenght, gear’s statistics, location of the NPC, etc.). It’s impossible to play the same game twice!
To face these traps waiting to kill you at every corner you cross and every box you open, you will have 12 “jobs” to choose from. They will allow you to build your own and unique character.
Building a balanced game (difficulty, economy,.) was one of the main objective of the development, and was conducted with the utmost care. You will definitively have a hard time choosing between the various services offered by the NPCs (sale & purchase, maintenance of the gear, blessings, forging of new items, etc.).
-Key Features
-Game randomly generated
-60 dungeons
-4 levels of difficulty
-Loot, loot and loot
-Fully moddable

Hands on how to make an excellent MOD.
VERYLISS is a first person roleplay RPG inspired by DOTA 2 which you will play with your dear character. This RPG follows a classic fantasy theme with emphasis on the roleplay aspect, economy, statemanagement and job. Fight monsters by tapping them with whatever means you think fits the situation. Such as catapulting, rolling them over with a war wagon, throwing them over the wall,..
The main differences with DOTA 2 are:
-VERYLISS is a roleplay, fights are completely different from DOTA2. You will have to roleplay and solve problems.
-VERYLISS is a simple game, to be played on mobile.
-VERYLISS is a fast game, to be played in the evening, during a break at work, school and other day-to-day activities.
-VERYLISS is free to play!
-VERYLISS is open source, you can’t own it. You own your characters, your work, your game in the game!
-VERYLISS is set in an elaborate fantasy world that uses MUD coding to record everything that happens. The outcome of the game is random, there is no advantage, there are no exceptional feats, everything is written in the code.


Features Key:

  • A Fantasy-Magic game with long life cycle
  • Home brewed ENORMOUS kingdom based RPG system.
  • Ancient custom styles, power, skill and innovation system.
  • Jail-breaking abilities, weapon and character creation.
  • Competition challenges.
  • No chump-factor – skill and mastery matters in VERLIES II.
  • Everything must have abilities in VERLIES II.
  • Living creatures with extraordinary abilities and anomalies.
  • BEAUTIFUL maps and art designs with epic colorful settings.
  • Breakout skills and vocation, ultimate power and mischief.
  • Rage Weapons – blows away lesser foes.
  • Half-Jaguar Clan, questing Wizards, and titan hunters.
  • Huge twin cities, stone and wooden cities.
  • Legendary skills. Slay Dragons.
  • Enlightened Clans, Klingon Empire.
  • Witchcraft.
  • Giant Creepers, Giant Rhoas and Spirits, Dragons, Creatures, Ogres, Skelites and Atlantis Cities and an abundance of other things.
  • Augmented RING GATE – 6 Rings in 6 quests and locations.
  • Epic Realms – Ancient and Modern, Medieval Times and beyond.
  • Tons of resourcefulness and collectibles.
  • Unlock & gear achievements and titles.
  • Highest skill and accomplishment rewards.
  • Worldwide and Grand Adventurers.
  • Romance and gender associated character models.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Procedurally generated grand realms with individual stories to discover.
  • Huge amount of game and chapter customization stuff.
  • Tons of in-game help.
  • Veries²: pic:53554590282368394432A Veries²: pic:53541213262658891286Recent changes:

    Verlies II – Verlies Origins


    VERLIES II – Verlies Origins Crack + Full Product Key Free Download [2022-Latest]

    Verlies II is a traditional hack & slash dungeon crawl dungeon crawler (RPG) but it uses a very different and innovative randomisation system.
    With Verlies Origins, you will begin as a founding member of the heroes guild “Verlies” and be involved in the guild “Verlies II”.
    You’ll be able to collect loot from random dungeons, buy NPC’s, forge your own equipment and fight for the glory of the guild, while encountering pirates, traps, dragons and everything that the dungeons can bring.
    Are you ready to play?
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    About The Developer:
    PAvelProkop is a software developer based in Prague, the Czech Republic. He has been developing games for a decade and keeps in touch with his fans on his social media.




    “Verlies” and “Verlies Origins” are trademarks of PiV Studios, registered in Germany. The rights to the names “Verlies” and “Verlies Origins” are proprietary to PavelProkop.

    – Two heroes
    – Able to explore 7 zones with 14 dungeons (2 per zone)
    – Btw, you can play solo, but I’d advise the second hero as it’ll be easier to get loot but solo will give you more experience.
    – All 3rd person (Tower Defense)
    – Tower based defense
    – 2 more heroes in development… Stay tuned
    #towerdefend #towerdefense
    -Capture the base

    -Eight colorful heroes:
    -Angry Knight
    -Elite Archer
    -Indestructible hero
    -2 more heroes in development…
    -1 random map (8×8)

    Tower Defense Tower Defense Gameplay Of The Simple Tower Defense Idea Was Taken And Improved. Innovative unique structures, towers and walls. Randomly generated maps with varied and unique challenges. Addictive gameplay in the Tower Defense genre.



    VERLIES II – Verlies Origins Crack PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

    This is the complete VERLIES II download version. It includes all the previously released content: “Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins” (accessed from “Download Content” page), “Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins – Extra” (accessed from “Extra Content” page) and “Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins – Mysticism” (accessed from “Mysticism Content” page).All files are updated to VERLIES II version FEATURES-Games randomly generated-60 dungeons-4 levels of difficulty-Loot, loot and loot-Fully moddableGameplay-Game fully accessible through tablet (via mouse)-Game fully accessible through tablet (via touch screen)-Game fully accessible through iOS app (via the map provided)Graphic elements: -Shop and library are now complemented by different type of magic tiles, like wall, floor and column.-Explosives are now symbolized with their own sprite and sound effects.-The magic song has a new graphics (9 tiles for 9 more steps) and a new sound effect (long note with percussion at the end).-Various way to switch your tiles and levels (fly to next tile / fly to next level)-Tilted tile sprites-Tiled tile library-Tiles music: available from the game content menu (file “Tile P2P.F3P”)

    This is the incomplete free content. It includes the map “Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins” (accessed from “Download Content” page) and “Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins – Extra” (accessed from “Extra Content” page). All files are updated to VERLIES II version

    Gameplay VERLIES II – Verlies Origins

    A strange place, a strange time…

    While enjoying a sunny day, exploring an open place, you encounter an imposing wall of stone. With your fishing rod you get a small pebble and you know something is wrong…

    It’s time to do your thing.

    Step by step you start to question the validity of the appearance of the place. The wall seems to be questioning you.

    You do not know where you are.

    But, to get an answer you must press on.

    (Game Info)Verlies is a dungeon crawler / Hack & Slash game taking place in randomly generated dungeons


    What’s new in VERLIES II – Verlies Origins: