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The main system of the game is a mix between an inventory and a map.
When the player enters the “waking state” they have a moment to remember. For this purpose there is a journal in which they can add things, such as ingredients, images or words that will act as hints and help solve the puzzles.
When in the “trance state” they are only able to use the inventory to obtain items, solve puzzles and make choices in the game in order to make progress.
A bunch of constraints are required to move safely in the dream-world. In this sense a mechanism of “lucidification” and “trance state” are enough in order to execute the steps required.
Key Features:
Immerse yourself in a beautiful surreal world where the game’s story and the atmosphere play together to create the strongest cinematic and visual experience to date.
Use the Journal to solve puzzles, store items, collect items and to add more items to the Journal.
Collect lots of items to craft items that help you progress and explore the game.
Discover items in the story that give you clues and help you as well as other items that have special purposes.
Face the most disturbing game mechanics and puzzles
Get a lifetime high score and the most interesting and challenging achievements
A real-time 3D environment completely shaken up by the artwork
The story of The Warden Crack Mac is as surreal and atmospheric as its graphical work.
The story is as confusing as it is provocative and beautiful. It also has some dark secrets that mark a turning point in the history of both Barkley and the entire world.
A plethora of adventures await you in this experience unlike any other.
The puzzles range from easy to medium difficulty and will keep you playing long after the credits roll.

Mature Content Advisory
This game contains no cut or mild violence but its atmosphere and message, although not violent, can be considered by some as borderline.


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Black Mist Studios
Steam official store page

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The Warden Features Key:

  • One large map consisting of several connected regions
  • There are several forms of ammunition (mines, gassing) and railguns with the Turemin far more advanced variant of these than the rest
  • The Warden planet has a built in female evolution which changes a couple of features
  • Men can create new railguns, mines, and grenades by gathering “parts” from any unoccupied station
  • There are lots of cover positions and ventilation shafts
  • There are railguns in the air and a monorail, so if you have any idea of zapping an alien, expect reinforcements immediately after the death sounds
  • Zappers, armored vehicles (like the HMG and MBT), and a variety of mines to shoot at the zappers
  • Resistances, which include the members of a resistance group
  • The loaded Warden planet takes 72 hours to evolve, and the evolution changes a few things about the Warden
  • You can get lots of lock picks from every station
  • A few scenes

    The Warden has eight backgrounds, with each background and each form being a different color.

    At the moment, there are seven forms of zapping besides the default. These are:



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    You play as Ephram Barkley, a lonely landowner who still remembers his family, but the events of his life were brutal.
    His wife and his daughter were killed by a mine explosion, and after he had recovered from his injuries, he poured alcohol into his hands and locked himself in his house.
    All these years he has been living in a state of alcoholic loneliness.
    Ephram wants to know what happened to him, what those terrifying nightmares and the black mist were, and why he has drawings like ” The Warden Crack For Windows ” that seem to come from a place of terror.
    The beginning of the story is not that important.
    You must play and find out yourself through the game.
    You have only limited guidance and hints that will help you get started.
    about the game.

    The Warden in the left is an early concept art of the game.
    The first level of the game.
    The game works in a point-and-click fashion, but you have to pay attention to your characters’ positions.
    A walkthrough for level 1-5 can be found at the end of the post.
    Level 6-9.
    Level 10-15.
    Level 16-18.
    Level 19-22.
    Level 23-24.
    Level 25-28.
    Level 29-31.


    It’s designed by the developer BlackMist Studio. You can check out the credits here.


    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your help! The game seems to be a puzzle game, but with a ton of hints.
    Game #1


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    Recent Comments

    The so called “Environment ‘Map’ of the game is nothing but a giant maze. This maze has been built by the developer over time, on the walls of corridors and rooms. There are many traps,riddles and puzzles to solve. It is not a “Linear” open world adventure game where you drive in an open road and go through until the end. The maps are filled with traps and obstacles that you cannot pass without solving a puzzle or doing something that you’ve never done before. Puzzles that must be solved with trial and error, and wrong answers result in instant death for the player. There are many dead ends, dark tunnels, stairways and elevators that lead nowhere. Level design is important for the longevity of the game and to prevent the player from dying from the traps, confusions and stupidity.Game design and puzzle design is at its best in the Maze genre, in my opinion. I have also seen players puzzle through the maze and see the end of the level, much to their complete surprise, and get a perfect 10! The dark, foreboding atmospheric layout of each level is very effective and makes me feel like I’m in a horror movie, despite not being a horror gamer, just an avid horror fan.Puzzles in this game are mostly not part of the main quest and do not help the player to reach the next level of the game, they are just there to enjoy the game for the fun of it. This is unlike other AAA console games, where puzzles are an integral part of the gameplay to progress to the next level. Some puzzles have only one solution that is obvious, but many have two or more solutions that are not immediately obvious to the player. Once the player finds the solution, he knows he will have to keep on solving until he reaches the end. Getting stuck at one of these “hidden solutions” can be frustrating. I think the puzzles in The Warden are the best puzzle I have ever played in a game.Puzzles aren’t as easy as the Guardian of light. Some of them are fairly tough and take a fair amount of time to figure out, but once you figure it out it is quite satisfying to know you are able to do it.A lot of puzzles in this game seem to follow a theme of having the player choose between two possibilities, and the game reacts differently to each choice. For example : You are in the dark in a room full of objects and stuff. There is an open door


    What’s new in The Warden:

    did not say anything. After several moments Bill had the impression that the Scottish Warden was waiting for him to speak the words himself.

    ‘In accordance with the decision of Master Healand, party to be escorted to the examination room at once; the first warder will, again, stand at the ready.’

    The guard escorted Bill to the examination room and unlocked the door.

    ‘Omission of guard duty was a grave error,’ Mortimer said. ‘It will have to be repeated as is proper; the second warder will do a double guard duty through the night.’

    ‘I will bear all the responsibility,’ the Warden said. ‘As it was my order to check on you at midnight, I should clearly be held accountable.’

    ‘If you had been here in the beginning,’ the Rowan said, ‘you could have looked up the records on each man. There will be no repeat of this.’

    It was now twenty minutes past midnight.

    ‘Tonight we will examine each other tomorrow,’ the Warden said and a servant brought a large brass basin and gave Rowan soap and a towel, and a wooden box. ‘You may be allowed to dress now.’

    Clad only in his shorts, Rowan dipped the towel into the water and began to wash himself with great care, allowing each item of clothing to be removed and replaced. He was careful to keep each item clean and never parted his limbs. Inside his shorts, he had lifted up the bottoms and exposed his genitalia.

    At the end of the bathing ritual he stepped out of the shower and reached for the soap and turned the water off. Water still trickled gently down his legs. He was disappointed to discover his genitals were covered in lather, and he lifted his hands down and rubbed it off on his towel.

    When he stepped into the wooden box he found only a fresh towel, and the same box.

    ‘I feel naked,’ he said and he jumped down from the box. The warder stood at the ready; behind him was the guard who would stand outside his door all night.

    ‘I will be required to walk a few yards around the perimeter during the night,’ he said. ‘The boxer, the invisible man, the warder and two guards will stand guard outside my door.’

    He entered his cell as the door was locked behind him. For the first time he noticed a fire in the grate, and a clean bed with fresh sheets


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    System Requirements For The Warden:

    OS: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 10 64bit
    Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 2.4 GHz, or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or AMD equivalent
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 55 GB available space
    Additional Notes: Crossfire: 2 video cards required


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    Name Description Max Energy
    Blind Already blinded, the zapper does nothing 5 or less
    Burning Burning in the fire 5 or less
    Block Zapping magnetic devices, like a door lock 5 or less