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StarDrive is a sci-fi racing game inspired by 70’s craftsmanship and influenced by unforgettable Star Wars scenes. The game has a retro arcade feel and combines a fully destructible track design, a star system that changes every time you play, and an outstanding soundtrack of 80’s action movie tunes. StarDrive 2 is the sequel to the hit game StarDrive (2014) and features more tracks, more stars, more drivers, a spectator mode, an extensive performance track editor, and hundreds of new challenges.
A lot of things happen on the long voyage to Charon. You, as the top dog driver of the StarDrive team, will encounter Dynesse, an ancient and powerful racecar faction, and more. Besides that, there are many opponents standing in your way in the form of rival factions, police vehicles and – of course – those new hazards from the StarDrive universe: asteroids.
StarDrive 2 is a sci-fi racing game with two races, multiple game modes, the ability to share or host races with other players, and of course, the beautiful soundtrack of 80’s action movie scores.

Many new tracks, multiple game modes, hundreds of challenges, and the ability to share or host a race with other players!

Supports full controller and keyboard support

Beautiful soundtrack of 80’s action movie tunes

An extensive performance track editor

A new player driven scoring system

State-of-the-art racing physics

Works on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One

A StarDrive Story
In StarDrive’s story, it is usually not enough to be the best, you have to be the best in your business. Form your team around rivalries and team offsides. Build your reputation as an underdog with a few lucky breaks, and try not to get killed off track.
StarDrive is only possible in the universe of StarDrive. It is a star racing universe where speed and efficiency are a must. There are many races held on six planets and countless in-between stations. Everything that happens to you is quite literally up to the universe.
Go beyond the speed barrier and discover new areas of the universe, which will change the course of your future. You have to go beyond the very reaches of the universe to reach the new planets, each with a new StarDrive and new events.

Customer Reviews:

We’re glad to see this new game has made it out


StarDrive 2 Digital Deluxe Content Features Key:

  • Steam
    • Play The Game With Friends!
    • Play Indie Games Made By Good Developers!
  • Interactive Artbook (pdf, epub, ipad, largeprint)
    • Covers all aspects of the game from Development to Playtesting
  • Original Soundtrack
    • Compilation of Original Soundtrack from Game’s Main Theme to its End
  • Resized Cover Page (kinda)
    • Each and Every Cover Page is Huge in Size!
  • Original Soundtrack (1 CD) – Bonus Track: Music of a troubled soul – Lyrics
  • Original Soundtrack (2CDS & VINYL) – Bonus Track: Second 7:11 / 4:23 / Third 4:31 / 5:57 (Triple Gatefold)
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    StarDrive 2 Digital Deluxe Content Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code For PC

    StarDrive 2 is a critically acclaimed game that was nominated for numerous awards. This content is a high-quality remaster of the original game featuring HD graphics and additional content such as a brand new hand-written design journal by the developer, allowing you a peek behind the curtain at the design process. Furthermore, you’ll also receive an exclusive art book showcasing the game art with the developer’s commentary on the art direction of the game. Finally, in this package you’ll receive the original soundtrack to the game, remastered to HD by Penguin Recordings.
    Key Features:
    Digitally modeled human characters for each class, allowing you to choose your avatar’s appearance from four unique races: Human, Alien, Martian and Hybrid.
    Endless Adventure:
    Travel throughout the vast expanses of space on over a dozen fully destructible planets, interacting with environments of unprecedented scale, and encountering a wide variety of terraformable creatures and exotic ecosystems.
    Fully voiced:
    Over 30 classes, 12 unique races, and countless special abilities, allowing you to customize your hero’s skills and gameplay to your individual needs and gameplay style.
    Race for the Galaxy:
    Play in over a dozen race-oriented game modes, including time-trial, AI/PvP modes, and a competitive single-player mode. Team up with other players across the internet for a shared experience to increase your power and combat potential.
    Endless Mastery:
    Engage in the never-ending struggle between the forces of the Generator and the Daemons to gain mastery over all the known worlds. Collect new items, earn stars, and level up to increase your strength.
    StarDrive 2 is the successor to 2013’s StarDrive, one of the most critically acclaimed games on the PC.

    © 2011 Microids. All rights reserved. StarDrive and its logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microids. The creators, the eXeontent Ltd. and TopWare Interactive, expressly disclaim any copyright and all other rights in relation to this game, its game software, and all other related computer software.


    StarDrive 2 Digital Deluxe Content Download [32|64bit] 2022

    • Explore the universe as you navigate through the celestial fluff.
    • Pursue artistic visions through the long time of dark and light.
    • Discover the beauty of space in complete freedom.
    Game Developer’s Hand-Written Design Journal:
    • Includes a map of the game world.
    • A comprehensive overview of the gameplay mechanics.
    • A comprehensive overview of the soundtrack.
    • Includes an exclusive soundtrack with an additional track by composer Roberto Ferrari.
    • Covers the gameplay and physics of the gravity engine used to build the game.
    • Includes original concept art.
    • A detailed discussion of the scientific aspects of the game universe, gameplay mechanics, and the gameplay universe design.
    Product Description:
    As the gatekeeper of the Timefall Cluster, you have the power to change the future. But it’s a dark and dangerous future. And there’s a war waging between the factions of The Megatoners and The Arvans. The Megatoners are the savages of the universe, devoted to destroying and possessing. The Arvans are a race of amorphous beings that manipulate the Warp, the chasm that ties the wormhole to the Timefall cluster. They’re the true enemies of your people, and your enemy…

    Requires 2.3.2 Update.

    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP or newer, or Mac OS X 10.5 (or later), or Linux 32-bit or 64-bit versions 2.3.2 or newer.

    File Size: 4.57 GB

    Disc Space: 5.91 GB

    Collector’s Edition Download:

    Get the full StarDrive 2 Collector’s Edition for only $30.99.

    Who’s Online



    StarDrive 2 is the first and only sci-fi space sim to take advantage of the power of the Accelerated Graphics Hardware. The game utilizes ray tracing to compute the thickness of each photon, which allows for a much more accurate rendering of light on the screen. The result? The kind of raw beauty that only a game that goes against the rules can give you.

    Fast Space Exploration

    StarDrive 2 is designed to be a non-stop action game. Every time you load the game, you’ll have access to the full scope of the game’s universe and your character will be able to explore every sector the game has to offer. Not only can you explore the game world


    What’s new in StarDrive 2 Digital Deluxe Content:


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