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Published: August 1, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

SPORBUST Content. Free |TOP| Download


SPORBUST Content. Free Download

The World’s most incredible. After lurking on this site for a while now,. Both live and the yearly torrents, a showcase of commercial content and an. Many guys have taken the time to post free files here for people to download.. Of these content, quite a lot of them are downloads of content which are already built into the game,. For the Builders and Designers out there, there’s a dedicated forum for you, where you will find free.Q:

Can I have named relations in the definition of a composite type?

I need to type up a potential math proof involving a dependent type, but I want to use nitty-gritty FOL notation rather than forcing myself to use some variant of Coq. Therefore, I have defined the following datatype:
Inductive nmv : list nat -> Prop :=
| NN : nmv (0 :: [])
| RN : nmv (S (S (S (S l)))).

I now wish to do the following kind of thing:
Inductive list_2 : list (list nat) -> Prop :=
| Nil : list_2 []
| Cons : forall l l’, l -> (l’ -> list_2 l) -> list_2 (l’ :: l).

The argument here is that the second list should be able to be easily handled with a recursive function.
Unfortunately, the typechecker insists that list_2 cannot be defined since the definition of nmv does not instantiate the induction variable l’ correctly. However, what I want is essentially the following:
Inductive list_2 : list (list (list nat)) -> Prop :=
| Nil : list_2 []
| Cons : forall l l’, l -> (l’ -> list_2 l) -> list_2 (l’ :: l).

Note that this (second) list is distinct from the first in the same way that L and L* are distinct. There is some kind of “product” operation that I am trying to capture, but I don’t really know how to phrase it.
Is this kind of thing possible in Coq? I have heard of Coq 8.2, which presumably has higher-level features that would allow something like this.


You could do something like this, which isn’t exactly what you’re looking for:
Inductive list_


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