Space Scavenger Key UPDATED

by claulau
Published: August 27, 2022 (4 weeks ago)


Space Scavenger Key

Name: Kanan Vest

Hair: light brown

Age: 25

In-game avatar: brown [blue] x

Favorite Weapon: shotgun

Favorite Character: Kanan Vest

A set of downward stairs led him to a vast open space ankle deep in foul-smelling. The pinch-faced Priest snapped angrily as he cranked the key in the lock.

“It’s freezing in here,” Kanan muttered.

A floating screen popped up, and the words “To the Galactic Archives!” appeared. Lousy net-connection!

“Anything you say,” the Priest responded.

“And fast!” Kanan snapped.

“We’re coming,” came the voice on the other end.

A red “Confirm” box appeared. “I know,” Kanan said. “I’m the one who confirmed.”

Before he could try to put a stop to it, the box flashed green, and the screen hummed to life.

A large “Welcome!” appeared on the screen. “We’re all pleased to see you. Please take a seat in the waiting area.”

“Fine!” the voice complained.

The area was a long, wide, open room that contained dozens of stations and creatures of different designs. The walls were mostly empty, only crossed by plenty of hooks and rails holding all sorts of decorations and trinkets, mostly for sale. Rows of chairs faced the other way, with bars on the windows lining the room. A small counter of sorts lined one wall, but the majority of the room was unoccupied.

Kanan took a seat in a padded chair, across the room from the ship. “Well?” he asked, grumpily.

“It looks like you have a direct line,” the ‘we’ in the computer stated. “When we begin ‘processing’ your request, you’ll get a call back.”

“Of course!” Kanan agreed.

“Tough luck,” the voice on the other end said. “We’re going to have to cut off the line.”


You can use your Space Scavenger key to open any door, crate, closet, trapdoor, chest, or coffin in the game, regardless of level and difficulty.

When activated, the key drops down from the top of the screen and slowly descends. When the key reaches the bottom of the screen, it begins its orbit around the bottom-right corner of the screen. As long as the key is touching the ground, it cannot be used again. If the key reaches the bottom of the screen, the lock unlocks and the door opens.

This is not unlike an Earth Space Scavenger key, but is slightly different. In addition to unlocking doors, the key can be used on any chest, trap, item, crate, or foe in the game.

This key has no upgraded versions of itself: although a few rare items can be found with it that extend its life and unlock new functions, it is merely a normal, basic key.

If the key is picked up while it is away from the bottom, however, it becomes useless and will not work again until the entire screen is free of obstacles.



Space Scavenger keys

The Space Scavenger key can be used to open any door, box, crate, trapdoor, chest, or coffin. It’s one of the original inventory items in the game and has no upgraded versions of itself.

Space Scavenger keys are useful when players are trying to carry heavy or bulky items while moving around the game. There is no cost for acquiring one and they can be re-used. They can be dropped onto a chest to open it without breaking. However, they cannot be used to open a locked chest or character by itself; they must be used in conjunction with a Pick A Key, Pick A Weapon or Pick A Trait.

Space Scavenger keys can be collected throughout the game by scanning various locked doors and boxes or by passing by chests that are set up in certain areas of a level or in secret locations. Keys are usually dropped by a weapon or, rarely, the Box Thrower.

To activate the key, a player must drop it down the screen a set distance, and then knock it around the screen to unlock a chest. The more the key is disturbed, the harder it becomes to hit. Once it reaches the bottom of the screen, it becomes useless and will not unlock anything for the rest of the level. If it is

He tugged the door open with a wide-eyed gaze at the little space within, and sucked in a lung full of the reeking air. A bevy of things were neatly piled, a few within easy grabbing distance, to the right of the entrance.

The room itself was lined with heavy wooden shelves, and the wall to his left was a white-washed, rough wall, bordered by a wooden board covered with tiny squares cut into the wood.

Lorel picked up one of the things on the shelves.

“What is that?” Her voice was deep, just above a normal human speaking level. It was strangely, it caught the eyes off of her much better than it did most people.

Lorel placed it back down. “Well, it looks like…”

“They’re blank,” she said, taking a few seconds to get the word out. “I had them bind some paper in my journals, but most of them were blank.”

Lorel sat down on the bench in the back corner. “So, this book, it’s the same thing?”

“It is,” she admitted, “I would’ve seen the covers at least. I went through it, just kind of hoping that it would be one of the ones that I knew. But it’s all blank, which means it can be anything that’s on the shelves.”

She gazed around at the small room, then looked back at the wooden board of squares. “So, are you going to start ripping open those?”

Lorel smiled. “You got something better to do?”

“Nothing’s better than doing this,” she answered, her fingers flying across the wood.

Lorel nodded thoughtfully as he sat down on his feet. “So, what’s out there?”

She peered out into the hallway, the ceiling an inch above her head. “There’s the mess hall, a few storage rooms, a few bathrooms, a laundry, a small kitchen, and a bunch of random stuff. That’s pretty much it. That’s not the most impressive hallway, but I find the best to be in the darkness.”

Lorel thought for a few moments, leaning back on his elbows. “I don’t like it.”

“I don’t much care for it either,” she said, “but until we can get out of this place, we might as well make the best of