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How do I find my virus name? How do I find my virus name? My computer has been having problems for a while, and I suspect that I have a virus. I have tried to run many “scannit” programs on my computer. None of them help. I have every program I can think of.
It just tells me that Windows was able to read everything on this disc. I found a report on a search site that said my computer has a virus that is called “WINDOWS ME”. It is a Windows 98 virus. How do I find my virus name? How do I find my virus name?


A virus is a type of malware. A virus infection can affect the entire computer or just a single file on the computer, the name of the virus can be anything.
They are often found in attachments in email messages because people are frequently clicking on links to fake viruses. A small text file is used to download a virus called “a.exe” and it can corrupt and contaminate the entire computer. If you do not have a virus scanner for your anti-malware, you need to scan for viruses with an anti-malware program.
Search online. Look for anti-malware and malware scanning programs. Look for sites like and to get advice on how to scan your computer for viruses.
If your computer is infected with a virus, you may have to delete the virus. It may take several weeks for your computer to clear up after a virus infection, it can depend on what virus you have.

CHICAGO – Given a stack of papers, the four people who helped design a murder prevention tool that gets widely used around the country can make recommendations on how to address every subject a concerned parent wants to talk about – from child abuse to bullying.

The tool, designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is named the Case Prevention Model and features such topics as child abuse, parenting, addiction, school bullying, peer violence and school shootings.

Case Prevention Model

Next to its easy-to-use website, the academy created a downloadable version that can be downloaded for free.

It includes a quick reference list and suggests writing down prevention strategies – individual, family and community – to put in a child’s backpack to “help prevent violence and safe, healthy, happy childhoods.”


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