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Welcome to the near future where the lines between monster and human have blurred. As either an Operator with the SOF-Raiders or as a Monster with the Scythe-Hunters, you must battle through the eight missions and complete objectives while finding out the truths about yourself and your origin story. With six different weapons to choose from, you will have options in how you play the game, and the game itself to choose from three game modes: Action, Arms Race, and Nightmare. You start the game in the Tactical Operations Center where you select one of two available missions. Once the selection is made you head over to the armory and select two of six available weapons and load out frag and flash bang grenades as well as health packs. You then proceed to the helipad and mount the mission helicopter to get transported to the target area. After landing you access your data pad to get maps drone views and intel reports for your operation target. Fight your way to the target and complete your mission. The enemy will hunt you down so you need to escape to your exfiltration helicopter and return to the Operations Center and prepare for the next mission. Be aware, your choices will have consequences. There are eight missions to complete to get to the final battle.
Game Features:

Player vs. Player: Play online via dedicated server with up to 16 players, and over 40 in single-player mode

Replayable Campaigns: Enjoy the story of more than 80 missions

Hundreds of Weapons: Different missions, different weapons

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SOF – RAIDERS Features Key:

  • 4 Different Heavily Tuned Game Modes
  • Step by Step, Friendly On-Screen Guide
  • HUD & Game Stats
  • Computer-V Generation with Random Push
  • Computer Virus, Trojans as well as Naughty Registers…


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SOF – RAIDERS is a First Person Shooter with Role Play elements to enhance game play. The game is heavily influenced by the success of SOF series by EA games.
-Addictive Multiplayer and Single Player modes
-AI opponents help to bring a new level of strategy to the battle
-Best Squad Tactics feature for training before a mission
-Dynamic Warzone environment that will affect your missions playability
-Fireteam formations
-DODO’s (Airstrike drones) that will patrol the map and scan and mark targets for friendly forces
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SOF – RAIDERS With Key PC/Windows

Once the selection screen is loaded into your game choose your mission and weapons you will be using and proceed to the armory. You are given a brief description of the mission in the armory.

The armory is loaded with different weapons for you to try out and will highlight those that you haven’t tried. As you select weapons they will become highlighted and their stats will be displayed.

When selecting a weapon you are able to change it’s caliber, magazine size, and attachment.

For example, I select the 50cal MP5SD as my secondary and load it with a 30 round magazine.

Once I have selected the weapon and optioned it I head to the armory and see that the ammo counter on the side of the screen shows I have 30 rounds left in my magazine. To check your mag you simply click the mag counter and you see the top 5 magazines in your inventory highlighted. Once you have selected your weapon the game begins to load the ammunition for that weapon. You can see in the background that I am loading the mag.

Once all of the weapons and attachments are selected you are notified of the time remaining for the mission.

Once the time is up you launch your mission and proceed to the map screen.

The map is divided into quadrants by the blue lines and with blue dots marked in those areas of the map. You will have a black dot on your tactical map showing you where the enemy is currently located. Your tactical map is color coded for example white, red, blue, green. If the area is inaccessible by foot you will see black diamonds or a red X marking the location. You are given instructions on the objectives for the area. You need to eliminate the enemy, if not possible then retrieve the item, or they will pursue you to get to the item.

To start the mission you launch your weapons and jump from the helipad to the ground.

The game will highlight the location of the enemy for you to see.

You are now able to select an objective to eliminate or capture. The game will show you a map of the area for you to select a destination from the highlighted icons on the map.

After you select a destination the enemy will now be highlighted on your tactical map and show you their current locations.

You will be able to hear the enemy approaching. You need to escape and enter the building to regroup before being eliminated. Once inside you can move around the perimeter and look


What’s new in SOF – RAIDERS:


We are a three man team composed of myself and two former moderators from the forums. We’re poking about the theme of Shoogularity in some of our most popular and popular/popular posts to figure out what we’re talking about and why it fits some of these games. It’s fantastic fun!For a list of our recent posts and games, you can view them through the archive link here:

Wednesday, February 6, 2014

A Session from the 2018 ACEA Game Safety Council Conference


Corazon is a game of dexterity and of Strategy. It’s a game that gives the player the unique feeling of Pacman – controls that are supposed to be careful and well thought, but actually are quite vital. Every action of Corazon’s controls is so essential that you end up pushing the digital world to the edge of its capacity to forgive. But Corazon is more than just that. It’s just as much a game of Strategy as an unyielding journey of a quest that requires you to use your logic, dexterity and the utmost precision to advance. Corazon fights to make sure you play it with the right tools, so you won’t get lost amid all its mechanisms that propel you into its world. Best of all, all of this is done while working within believable contexts, dangled just above your fingertips and honestly crafted with the utmost care.

The Game

Corazon is a game for training your body, mind and its two newest senses. It’s a game of intellectual challenge, of perfect alignment, of watertight scenarios and of literal gears that are set in motion. Corazon aims to make sure that you’re confounded, but never frustrated. There is no “right” way for this body to go, only the best way, when you’re not pushed to its limits. Corazon is a delicate balance of complex simplicity, perfect mechanical reliability and intricate consort. There is nothing that you can possibly do wrong here, nor are you given free reign when you come. Corazon is a masterclass on restraint. Each step of the game will make sure that you get to where you want to be. You play by merely “thinking”.

The principles of Corazon

You start the game out with a box.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of knives.

As you start, take only one knife.

If the blade of the knife


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