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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission voted Thursday to increase a penalty levied on the city of Philadelphia for violating the federal Clean Air Act.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority had been ordered to pay the penalty and bar future violations of the federal law. The measure passed 3-1, with Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur dissenting.

Authorities had to reduce levels of the pollutant sulfur dioxide in the air after a fire on the roof of the agency’s 11th Street buildings in Philadelphia in 2004.

LaFleur was the sole holdout because she said the agency’s action was already in violation of the Clean Air Act.

“To increase the penalty, which is essentially a money penalty, is unnecessary and is in violation of the Clean Air Act,” LaFleur said.

J. Scott Wilson, an FERC staff attorney, countered that the agency went above and beyond what was necessary to address the violation.

“In addition to the fine, the PHA is prohibited from further emissions violations in any public housing buildings for the next 10 years,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the Fine Air Pollution Abatement Program, or FAPA, provides a $3,000 per-day-per-violation fine for the violation and $25,000 for each day of continuing violations.

“We wanted to impose additional penalties beyond that $25,000 per day because we felt it was necessary to deter the PHA from further violations of the law,” he said.

Pittsburgh-based attorney Greg Wakefield told FERC commissioners that the agency’s decision to increase the penalty was inappropriate.

“We are surprised by this reversal, which increases a penalty that was not contested at either the hearing or on appeal,” Wakefield said. “It is surprising, in light of the fact that the

In fiction, are advertisements a good plot device?

In the episode “The Power of Booth Buddies” (S6 E8) of Family Guy, Peter finds an advertisement for a car that exists only in an advertisement that had been stuck on a wall for 70 years, and has now been brought to him. The advertisement is for a car that is popular with thieves because it runs on the road for 70 years, then at the end it stops, but all of the parts “for the best price”. Peter assumes that the advertisement only exists as a plot device, and doesn’t believe that it actually exists in the real world.
The episode then makes the car, and shows that it works perfectly, and then Peter finally is able to drive it, but before he can show it to Lois, there is another advertisement for the very same car. Peter then cuts the screen, and proceeds to smash up the car.
I was wondering if this was meant to be a joke on television advertisements for selling the same product over and over again.


I think it is meant to be an in-joke about overly-long ads.
Here is an example (purely anecdotal) from a supermarket I shop at:
This is a $10 item. This is a $20 item. This is a $30 item.
It’s not any different in substance, but I’m sure they could have made it more entertaining. Here is their ad (no real link) but I don’t think it features the sales pitch that you refer to. It is also quite a bit shorter.


What is the purpose of the idl file in a XCode project?

A XCode project I’m working on has an.idl file (?) with the same name as the executable target. What is it and what is the purpose of having one?


This is a workspace for an external IDL compiler.
There are two ways to compile IDL to a stand-alone DLL/so:

external, using an IDL compiler
internal, using the Xcode Compiler

The IDL is generated by using the external IDL compiler.
The.idl compiler is not used by Xcode to generate the