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Published: July 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Name Outbreak Island: Pendulum
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Outbreak Island is a free open-world survival simulator where all players are trapped on the same island. Unknown forces changed the island ecosystem from a scientific reservation into a black hole where death and suffering reigns at night. For humanity it is the final moment of existence.
Players will have to build a camp, grow crops, acquire medicine and weapons, explore the island and hunt for food. Do not expect to have a vacation here. The island is a big and dangerous place, where every decision could save or doom your life.
Players will choose their role and their tactics and decide if they want to be lone hunter, stealthy hunter, or a fearless warrior.
In the open world Survival Simulator, not everything is as you think. Expect wildlife that’s smarter than you and traps and monsters waiting for you all the time.

Main devlopment for Outbreak Island was done by Dr. Tolmie. He’s the person who brought Frozen Synapse to life. As a fan of this game he based it mostly on Outbreak Island. He introduced multiplayer, weapons and more.
Outbreak Island isn’t a commercial release of any kind and is only free as in ‘free beer’. It is not an early access or a beta release. It is a small, still in development proof-of-concept. It isn’t going to be finished, but it already provides you with an entertaining survival experience and gives you the opportunity to be a hero on a dangerous island.

One of the game’s unlockables is the ability to create a different character and custom loadouts, which allows the player to possess several weapons, tools, and special abilities.


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Outbreak Island Official Website

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Features Key:

  • Up to 4-player local Co-Op
  • Platformer Game
  • Humorously Repetitive Story Mode
  • 3 difficulty levels to select from
  • Hack & Slash Approach with a Murderer of Cute Toys
  • Story Containers
  • Game Features:

    • Local Multiplayer
    • Strategy 2D Gameplay
    • 4 Difficulty Levels
    • Plays similar to Super Meat Boy
    • Items included
    • A-Z (Story)
    • Bonus Games

    Things You Need to Know about the game:

    • You must turn on the in-game options under “controller settings” to be able to use the analog stick.
    • The game is a 2D platformer developed by Zynga for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

    Find out what the Critics thought of the game in this review:

    Download it Here

    Outbreak Island: Pendulum invites you to an interactive island where it’s possible to witness an all-out battle. The entire island is under quarantine because there is an epidemic that can’t be cured. You’re part of a Special Operations Team that doesn’t seem to really care about the plagues that aren’t caused by open water. Besides, the Special Operations Team has plenty of “special” skills.

    Outbreak Island: Pendulum is


    Outbreak Island: Pendulum Crack + With Key Free Download (Updated 2022)

    This is a free version of the open-world survival simulator Outbreak Island.
    You have been given a plane, and only one thing could stop you from a trip around the world. You were supposed to fly to an island owned by the firm, but the flight has gone missing. Now you have to walk to the next ferry and try to survive with no weapons or any equipment. Only one thing could save you – to flee the island.
    You may find strange weapons and supplies on the island. It depends on what’s in the suitcase.
    – The game features an open-world. You can move around the island freely. Explore, search, solve puzzles.
    – The game offers more than 20 different environmental effects. The weather changes every day.
    – The game is presented in a non-linear timeline. It follows a story of several episodes. Different situations and numerous locations are available. Explore and find out what happened with the characters you’ll meet on the way.
    Use all the skills you have and smartly combine items to solve puzzles and complete tasks.
    Survive hunger and thirst, managing your money and keep traveling to the next ferry.
    About ⒶOutbreak Island:

    ➥What’s the cure for the virus?
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    Outbreak Island: Pendulum Free Download

    Outbreak Island: Pendulum Gameplay and Game Review:
    How to install this version of “Outbreak Island: Pendulum” game:
    1.1 Click on the “Outbreak Island: Pendulum” icon on the “Apps” tab;
    1.2 Click on the “Install” button;
    1.3 Wait for the game to be installed and the notification about the installation appears;
    1.4 Go to the game’s home and get ready to play and enjoy;
    1.5 Be careful with this awesome mobile game, and with yours and your family’s life, health and love!
    Outbreak Island: Pendulum description:
    Outbreak Island: Pendulum is a free game, where you can have fun with your friends, family and your cat if you have one.
    If you want to keep this fun for life, you can buy the game’s premium version.
    Make sure to play and have fun all the time on your Android smartphone or tablet, Android Gameplay, Android Game Reviews:
    Enjoy the game and don’t forget to rate, comment or share it with your friends and social media.

    Outbreak Island: P.A.R.S – Extreme survival Simulator – app for mobile

    Game “Outbreak Island: P.A.R.S” is an
    the most hardcore version of Outbreak
    Island: Pendulum.
    You will have to stay alive as long as
    possible in this version. The game has
    many levels, your health bar keeps
    degrading for each level. In addition to
    this special app features section that will
    allow you to reach your goal, enjoy
    special weapons and make your life more
    The game “Outbreak Island: P.A.R.S” is an
    the most hardcore version of Outbreak
    Island: Pendulum.
    You will have to stay alive as long as
    possible in this version. The game has
    many levels, your health bar keeps
    degrading for each level. In addition to
    this special app features section that will
    allow you to reach your goal, enjoy
    special weapons and make your life more
    The game “Outbreak Island: P.A.R.S” is an

    Outbreak Island: D.R.A.M is a free game in which you can
    defeat the parasite infection spreading among the population.
    The parasite is harmless at first but


    What’s new in Outbreak Island: Pendulum:

    , the next stepping stone to the God War

    As one of the three available operating modes for Outbreak Island, Outbreak Island: Pendulum is constantly being updated. It was changed from the previous Outbreak Island: Military Conquest, we were introduced to this Raid mode.

    This new Raid mode is a way to go conquering other people’s islands after you open up Pandora’s Box once it’s fall to ruins. What Outbreak Island: Pendulum has in common to the Raid mode of God Wars is its randomly generated challenge.

    During the course of the new Raid mode, each island has a life count that gradually falls with each passing day. It is your own Pandora’s Box that can be opened, and it’s possible that the life count will reach the “zero” when you open up the Pandora’s Box and trigger the time teleportation to the Pandoran Empire.

    Pandora’s Box is actually a container that allows access to either the Military Conquest or Raid mode. It is attached to Pandora’s statue that shows a 5 o’clock position with red arrows on the LCD screen. The difference between the two modes is whether you can loot in the Raid and Military Conquest or just the Military Conquest.

    Pandora’s box has 20% chance to randomly sent you to Military Conquest, where you can choose another different island on the map, while Military Conquest has 10% chance to randomly send you to Raid, where you have to open Pandora’s Box for another encounter.

    From the different island you can choose, you can go straight up the tree or if you choose the right 1st Island which has already opened Pandora’s box on it, you can explore and find some key and other items.

    There are just a few different island in the part they are still fighting in the war. They can be different level, items and stats will vary, as well as the trees that will provide defense.

    There are 3 Kingdoms covering the Pandoran Empire. In the Holy Kingdom of God, the Heartless are strong. The Lord of Justice in the Military Kingdom is firm. And the Wind God’s Kingdom is full of strength. That’s why they are called the 3 Kingdoms.

    Unlike the previous mode but same Outbreak Island: Military Conquest, you must win to loot, but this time there are just 3 of winning conditions. The idea is to take the key to


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    • Infected with “Pendulum”
    • Never before
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    • COVID19 Virus where the numbers of the infected in the world increases every day
    • Certainly a game of chance
    • A virus was spread in the name of internet, TV, etc


    • You are on the search of a safe location to escape from the virus
    • Use the malaria (fleas) to become infected
    • Eliminated and immune to malaria
    • Fight for the survival
    • Depressed and playing games on the internet


    • Find the answer of “Pandemic”
    • Is it really a game of chance or not



    System Requirements:

    If you are having issues running the game on your computer, please try changing your settings to use less RAM memory, make sure you have a good graphics card, and update your graphics driver.
    System Requirements:
    If you are having issues running the game on your computer, please try changing your settings to use less RAM memory, make sure you