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Mind The Vikings Torrent

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We see on the ship a long and narrow cabin made of oak.


The Vikings in Canada are the descendants of the Vikings in North. on the landscape, shifting resources from harvesting to building homes, and plundering. Is a place where you can go to download torrent or other torrents.Q:

How to dismiss a dialog and trigger a new one from a custom dialog?

I have a custom dialog for user to enter some data before submit. I need a method that dismiss the dialog then prompt again on a view to specify what the user already enter on it.
so that the dialog just stick at the same view and user can’t leave it with any button.
The only way I can think of this is to put a boolean and calculate if the user have already specify a value or not. But I am wondering if there is better way to do this?


The only way I can think of this is to put a boolean and calculate if the user have already specify a value or not. But I am wondering if there is better way to do this?

What do you mean by “calculate”? You mean you’re trying to determine whether the user has already filled out that view, right?
If so, you can create a boolean variable, either directly in the dialog’s onCreate method or in a function called from there.
When the user taps the done button, simply set that variable to true. When the done button is pressed again, you can check that boolean variable and decide what to do.
If the user wants to clear the data, don’t ever show the dialog again. If you do want to show the dialog again, it’s a bit more tricky; you can either disable all buttons (not recommended), or you can remove the last button (and optionally also hide the view you are showing in the dialog).


Option 1: If you just have a dialog on one screen, create it with the cancel button and a blank text field. When the user presses cancel, call dismiss().
Option 2: If you need a dialog on more than one screen, use the Intent-based solution. For example, if you’re showing the dialog in an Activity that also has a EditText, you might have something like this:
Intent addItemIntent = new Intent(ActivityName.this, AddItemActivity.class);
addItemIntent.putExtra(“item”, “My Item”);