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Absolutely. The download page for their products is always a good source.
The only people who would refuse to buy a software license is if they are very very rich and if they don’t care about their charts or navigation.
The software is not expensive in the first place (if you buy a used PC with decent specifications and monitor it was about 80-90 USD).
So if you spend 5 minutes to register for their forum account and 20-30 USD a year you will certainly get the tools you need.


I Love Lane’s ‘Handyman’ for Cool Hand Luke

Working on the set of the film version of Cool Hand Luke, Luke is very busy fixing the mess that was made of the yard. Even though Luke is busy he finds time to recite a great speech:

When the revolution comes, there’ll be no more words, just action. People’ll just act. When you stare a man down and look him right in the eye and tell him he can’t run. They’re either gonna nod or they’re gonna shake. But they’re not gonna run. And they know it. Because they’re human. And so are you.

I usually leave the pre-recording work until the last minute. As I was working on Luke’s speech I noticed that I really had to work on the sound effects. The record of the gunshot was not clear enough, even thought it was a good quality recording. That’s when I thought of Studio C which was a room in the back that had enough space to create a lot of sounds. Studio C was used mainly for pre-recording live sound effects. It was a small room with four speakers, a microphone and a large drum pad. Studio C had high ceilings, and light through the windows, so we would have lots of light. It also had no acoustic problems.

After coming up with my own idea of what could be done to Luke, I went to the studio. I had some ideas and spent several days doing research on the internet. While the nature of the room was already correct I needed to know more about the materials we had available. I needed

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