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Lady Britt Scheinschlachtung Videol

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Lady Britt Scheinschlachtung Videol
Lady Britt Scheinschlachtung Videol
Lady Britt Scheinschlachtung VideolQ:

Load and configure build.gradle dependencies via code

I’m developing an Android application which requires custom build.gradle file.
I’m trying to find a way to load it from other class in my application.
I’ve never used build files so I have few questions :
How to load it into code? I guess there should be a way to access source code of the build.gradle file from Gradle plugin?
How to override some properties?
What is the best way to use properties from build.gradle?


This is usually implemented using the GradleBuild object of Gradle. For example, it’s possible to use a GradleBuild object to load a build file from an external server.
Similarly, you can execute external scripts with the Gradle.exec() or Gradle.withDependencies() methods of Gradle.

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