Icse Class 9 Chemistry Book Pdf Free ((FULL)) Download

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Published: August 5, 2022 (6 days ago)

Icse Class 9 Chemistry Book Pdf Free ((FULL)) Download

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Icse Class 9 Chemistry Book Pdf Free Download

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NOTE:- The color of the rectangles are different than the current ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Syllabus. It may be so as the ICSE Class 9 is being revised. The color will change once the new syllabus is available.The present invention relates to an engine noise suppression technique which is capable of reducing the engine sound, which is included in the exhaust gas from an automobile engine, by changing the muffling property of the muffler.
The engine noise suppression technique has been proposed which is capable of reducing the exhaust gas noise. This technique absorbs the exhaust gas noise by means of a muffler of a honeycomb structure having a large number of cells, with a porous material such as a cork material or a urethane foam, for example.
There is a known muffler, which is of a structure, which is capable of absorbing the engine noise by converting the engine sound energy into heat energy of the material. According to this type of muffler, the temperature inside the muffler rises, and at the same time, the viscosity of the gas is increased. This may reduce the capability of absorbing the engine sound. This muffler is not preferred for a noise reduction purpose.
On the other hand, a muffler of a honeycomb structure as described above is preferred from the viewpoint of the exhaust gas cleanliness, the engine performance and the sound absorption effect. However, the engine vibration and the like applied to the muffler during engine operation may displace the whole muffler.
This displacement causes vibrations to be transmitted from the muffler to the engine body. The engine body has the weight and the moment of inertia. The vibrations are transmitted to the engine crankshaft. This causes the engine sound to be increased.
In order to suppress the transmission of the engine vibrations to the engine body and engine crankshaft, it is conceivable that an elastic member such as rubber is interposed between the engine body and the muffler. In this case, however, the engine vibrations cannot be sufficiently absorbed, because of the low degree of freedom in layout.
The present invention has been carried out in


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