Free Download NEW! Sancharam Malayalam 17

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Free Download NEW! Sancharam Malayalam 17


Free Download Sancharam Malayalam 17


Sancharam (TV series) – Wikipedia
Sancharam (TV series) is an Indian television soap opera, which airs on Zee Tamil. It is the remake of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar. Sancharam is, according to TV World, India’s first prime time soap opera.[1] The series premiered on 2 September 2009, and it averaged 6.69 TRPs (rating points), becoming Zee Tamil’s most popular soap.[2] The show ran for eight years and 230 episodes. Sancharam was the most successful show for any actor on a single channel till 2012.
Sancharam is a fantasy based storyline of love and faith, with elements of Hindu mythology. The main characters of Sancharam are Krishna, Gopi, Rama, Tulsi, Nandini, Laali, Nila, Kamakshi, Prabhudeva, Jwala, Gauri, and Medu.
The original version of the series was telecast on the Zee TV channel from 1996 to 2005 and was based on the real-life romance of Akbar and Jodha, and the lives of Akbar’s wives. In India, Sancharam is popularly dubbed as Jodha Akbar and telecast as Sancharam on Zee TV. According to the Nielsen viewership survey, the show is the number-one most-watched television programme for the single channel Zee TV in five years.[3] It was produced by the singer–actor Prasanna, who wrote the lyrics for the songs. Prasanna had previously wrote five songs for the 1996 version of Jodha Akbar.[4] The screenplay and dialogues were written by K. Bhagyaraj, who wrote the dialogues for the series Jodha Akbar. Bhagyaraj will also write the story for the remake, which is being produced by Tarun Katona.
Zee TV’s Chief Executive Officer, Sudhir S Biglari, named Sancharam the most popular television serial, based on log data collated by Zee. Biglari said this was because of the high number of days the series was telecast, and the number of cumulative viewers who watched the series.[5] In 2001, Sancharam had the highest television viewership in Asia, surpassing even the Bollywood film industry. In 2002, the show had the highest television viewership in India for a single channel, when it was aired for 110

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