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Published: July 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
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A comprehensive sourcebook for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons!
12 Peculiar Towers is a collection of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures for characters level 1 to 13. Each tower includes a map, a complete listing of encounters and enemies, and a detailed tactical section describing how to use every room in the tower.
12 Peculiar Towers also presents you with a host of new settings and stories to take your characters to high levels of excitement and adventure. Each has a definite history and a distinct theme, and they offer you a number of new ways to devise stories for your campaign with unique characters and a new setting.
For example, the Ravenfolk Bandit Tower is located in an old mill on the edge of an abandoned town. During a robbery, the bandits caught a more experienced party of adventurers, and now the bandits are in league with a powerful old evil elf. The Ravenfolk Tower offers a variety of interesting traps, hazards, and monsters including the notorious Skulk, a hideously animated zombie, and the Master Vampire. At its heart lies a dark secret, with a tower full of surprises and terrifying power.
Then you have the Elven Archive Tower. A tower that watches over a vast library of elven history. The archive is filled with hundreds of ancient scrolls that relate the secrets of elves, their evolution over eons, and the great battles in which they fought against the shadows. What secrets are locked within? What is the price the archive’s guardians will pay for the keys that they hold?
You could use the Ravenfolk Bandit Tower in a gritty campaign, or use it as the backdrop for a light comedy. Get it, and have some fun!
The Ravenfolk Bandit Tower is available as a download for a single in-app purchase.
Playable Monsters:
You can use the monsters in this collection in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. The credits from each of the monsters below go to their respective sources:
Skulk: Skulk parts 3 and 4 in the Monster Manual and Monster Compendium are used here.
Vampire Patron: Vampire parts 3 and 4 in the Monster Manual and Monster Compendium are used here.
Guardian: Perfromers from the Monster Manual are used here.
Satyr: Artists from the Creature Codex are used here.
Ta’Fir’du*: The descriptions of the Ta’Fir’du* are from the Monster Manual.
Zombie: Artists from the Creature Codex are used here.


Fantasy Grounds – 12 Peculiar Towers (5E) Features Key:

  • Peculiar Towers present action-packed scenarios for adventuring
  • Fantasy Grounds empowers players to easily collaborate in live group play.
  • Design your own set of Peculiar Towers and share them online through both social media and our MMORPG Discord.

    We’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons here, so if you enjoy the MMORPG genre then you’re bound to jump into this game.

    Editing castles from scratch

    Imagine building a castle from the ground up- it’s a lot more than just laying a floor, walls and roof on a tile. This is something players can do in Fantasy Grounds which looks great.

    You’ll notice that there are some items in the dungeon that require you to put the first floor in place. When you’re building a dungeon, each floor will usually require different floors to complete the construction of the building. You can check the area so you can choose the best one for adding floors.

    Getting commissions

    Imagine designing your own castle and giving them to others to play. If you want to use a custom dungeon from 1E than that’s perfect, but if you’d like to make some of your own and have it made by some other artist to add into our fantasy game, we have ways to introduce you to that concept.

    What is a Peculiar Tower?

    After entering your notes into the Notes & Concepts window you’re then ready to start designing your own Peculiar Tower. Be sure to check the Roles, Mythic cards, Keywords, & Locations window for information on how to set up your journey.

    If you would like to take a look at a full list of notes you can find them in the


    Fantasy Grounds – 12 Peculiar Towers (5E) Crack + With Full Keygen Free Download For Windows

    If you’re looking for a collection of 5th Edition 5E adventures that are ready to run in your home games, then 12 Peculiar Towers has everything you need.
    Adventure 12 (11-13)
    This tower has been built around a dungeon crawl scenario. Your characters are trapped in the aftermath of a vicious battle between orcs and goblins. To their surprise, they find themselves in the home of a goblin leader and his tribe. But he isn’t going to let them get away that easily.
    This tower contains:
    The dungeon scenario to bring your players to this party of cutthroats
    Three menace encounters and four scenes for players to make their choices
    In-game puzzles and traps to complicate things for your players
    .and a powerful boss encounter!
    Adventure 13 (1-8)
    A perilous ritual has just taken place! A powerful sorceress, her two goblin henchmen, and their sahuagin guard have been slain.
    To their relief, they find that all has been well. The room they had been trapped in was transformed into a shrine, and a blue crystal orb rested on a seat of stone and crystal. Unfortunately, the sorceress’s paladin, a holy warrior, has fallen to his death.
    Now there’s only one way to get out…
    This tower contains:
    A room with a trap that will either get your players or you!
    Four menace encounters (three for the players and one for the villain)
    An encounter with a powerful and dangerous magical guardian
    A magical puzzle that will make your players work together
    The treasure hunt
    .and a battle with a giant npc!
    Adventure 16 (5)
    If your players are willing, they will find themselves at the high altar of a powerful blood mage. But what they find isn’t necessarily what they expected.
    This tower contains:
    5 encounter areas that put your players to the test
    A magical puzzle to catch their attention
    A battle with a player-killing foe
    A riddle that will teach your players the value of teamwork!
    Adventure 17 (4-7)
    After being attacked by a kobold war party, your players find themselves pulled into the twilight realm of a plane to face a powerful demon lord.
    But they’ve come to rescue a dwarven merchant and his travelling companions! What awaits them will shock your players…
    This tower contains:
    4 encounter areas that are free of traps
    Three menace encounters (two for the players and one for the


    Fantasy Grounds – 12 Peculiar Towers (5E) For PC

    This product contains a game, documents, and a license agreement. You can play it online through your Fantasy Grounds account once you purchase it, and you can also create a copy to distribute to friends and allies. This is a personal copy that you can keep forever and never need to pay a subscription fee to access. It contains the game content and tutorials you need to play, plus it includes all of the FAQs and Rules and FAQs and Rules and Materials to play the game. If you need a new license to play the game, you can use the individual components that came with this product to start your own copy.

    Download Requirements

    Important Note: Your license for Fantasy Grounds will not allow you to create and distribute Fan made Content (such as written material, RPG content, world maps, etc). You can play this product in your game, but Fan made content of any kind will require an additional paid license.

    Can I run it on both Windows and macOS?Yes! For a small upgrade fee, you can purchase a separate license that includes access to our Mac or Windows compatible rulebooks (which will not work without the appropriate license in your Fantasy Grounds).

    Do I need a subscription to run it?No, this game can be played right away by purchasing the game itself. If you need a new license to play the game, you can use the individual components that came with this product to start your own copy.

    Product “12 Peculiar Towers – 5E” Game “Fantasy Grounds – 12 Peculiar Towers (5E)” – Installer – Welcome – The Wizards at Wyrmkeep – Setting & Art – Conversion [CD] – Known Bugs – Game Interaction – Others – Compensation – Licensing Engine – Contact Us – CopyrightInformationAdded on: August 09, 2019


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    What’s new:

    4 Peculiar Towers

    April 18, 2016, 1:37 PM

    For the last few years as a new edition has been taking over my world I have continued to be a big fan of 5e’s officially published content. While the new rules and overhaul for 3.x are exciting I am keen to see what the next edition is going to do for them. I have a love for certain elements of 3.x and have not felt the urge to venture into the new edition for what I perceive to be reasons. However, last year at Origins I came across a D&D feature that I really wanted:

    The 5.5e Princes of the Apocalypse World Guide.

    It seemed to be in line with what I wanted and kept the idea that an apocalypse was bad news for normal adventures. I also liked that it contained the horde rules and I knew that we could use those rules in my world.

    I have played on and off over the years and have ran other FG systems and like all them I have played and explored numerous times the idea of bringing a compatible new system in. However, for a long time I felt that the D&D 4th edition rules really didn’t fit into fantasy grounds. I was paying for this feeling and it frustrated me, how as I encountered rules that were unworkable or just missing in fantasy grounds. The current version is getting better but there is still far too much duplication in stats and abilities.

    We then came across Fantasy Grounds for the first time and it was a lightbulb moment in my life. It gave me what I really wanted, fantasy grounds, a new 4th edition compatible D&D system at a reasonable price point. We initially purchased a version 2, but with the recent changes to the rules we have been waiting for a new version to be released. Finally, version 3.0 was released last week.

    So, today I want to run a Fantasy Grounds version of one of my favourite D&D adventures:

    The 12 Peculiar Towers of Pern by Keith Baker

    While I don’t want to give the adventure all away and I don’t want to bore you with the minutiae of game play so I am going to build my own home world…well, my home fortress…like the ones that adventurers use to escape from their reality into the odd fantasy world that they live in. Hopefully


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