Embraer 195 Azul Fsx.epub

by hektferr
Published: September 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


Embraer 195 Azul Fsx.epub

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. es el editor de pdf gratis do cartoon vademe trocar notas de juros 4 fidel diretor.pdf. cine hace 2 meses’ video de.Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, W3RL (WoodsCJ), who shared the results of a recent comparison of superheterodyne radios between Raytheon, Elecraft and Icom.

The setup consisted of two P25 dual-band radios, powered by an iPhone (iM2M capable, from Crown Trading, in Newington, New Hampshire) connected via a RF cable to a HackRF.

I was able to reproduce W3RL’s findings that the Icom appeared to be the most sensitive receiver. But the overall results were a shock! The difference in sensitivity between the Icom and the Raytheon did not seem to be nearly as dramatic as that between the Raytheon and the Elecraft. The Elecraft’s radio was shown to be more than twice as sensitive as the Icom. The Icom was less sensitive than the Raytheon by an order of magnitude.

The first test showed a gain of 18 dB for the Icom, 10.8 dB for the Raytheon and 9.1 dB for the Elecraft.

The second test, which was done over a longer period of time, from 4:01 am to 5:40 am, showed gains of 12 dB for Icom, 5.5 dB for Raytheon and 7.1 dB for Elecraft.

The Elecraft radio appeared to have one of the highest selectivity ratings, while the Raytheon receiver had the least.

Finally, the lowest sensitivity signal-to-noise ratio could be achieved by the Icom radio.

If anyone can tell me what I did wrong, please let me know.

Are the gains just due to the fact that this was done on a rooftop in New York City, and at an elevation of 40 degrees?

The list of equipment used:

Icom IC-718 Superheterodyne

Raytheon RC-SA001 P25 Dual Band Receiver

Elecraft EC-3 P25 Dual Band Transceiver

Crown Trading Newington, New Hampshire, iPhone 4S, iM2M capable


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