Download Traducao Sniper Elite 3 ((TOP))

by jaspain
Published: September 7, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Download Traducao Sniper Elite 3 ((TOP))


Download Traducao Sniper Elite 3

download sniper elite 3
download sniper elite 3

Wael Alrefai (1): Fixes for, &

Patch up the PR to include the newly updated files. Also fix
the compilation issue by handling the cross-compiling environment
when automake/autoconf is not available.

Derrick Speakman (1): [cgit] vc7z-store fix

Correct CCS support.

Don Camp (1): [nasm] Advances for the vc7z-store

Supports out-of-order data now.

Don Camp (1): [cgit] VC7z-store: use 1 pack size for every entry

Don Camp (1): [nasm] Advantages for the VC7z-store

Support for using a different pack size for every entry.
This should prevent OLE embedded files with large handles from failing.

v3.3 (2012-03-17)

Christoph Wickert (2):
[nasm] Support larger pack sizes (> 0x4000).
[nasm] Merge support for the PORTABLE bit into MASM5.

Mark Vojkovich (2):
[cgit] Add a testcase for the linux XA capability.
[cgit] When dllimport works, use it in addition to dllexport.

Alexander Neundorf (1):
[cgit] Add an option to clang to disable the pluggable linker.

Charles Bailey (1):
[nasm] Use WRITE_THE_NAMES rule in the rules.

Christoph Wickert (1):
[nasm] Fix the build without -fomit-frame-pointer.

Derrick Speakman (1):
[vc7z-store] Don’t track empty packages.

Mark Janssen (1):
[cgit] In the vc7z-store, only when there is a fixed offset, we
can use data and table offsets to extract each data segment,
rather than always extracting to the end of a segment.

Chris Blizzard (1):

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