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Descargar Libro Pensativa Pdf Download

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With the moment of truth on the horizon, can the Eagles be as good as we think they can be?

Kearse would help them be better in two major ways. First, he’s got the speed that Philly needs on its wideouts. While he’s also no burner, he’s got speed and the ability to win 50/50s. Furthermore, unlike Butler and Mack, Kearse will be blessed with a competent quarterback at the helm.

In other words, he’s great for this team. It doesn’t really matter that he’s had two years of regression. Philadelphia needs receivers. There’s a difference between need and want. The Eagles still need receivers because they can’t go win football games if they don’t have one. They also have a huge need at tight end because it’s simply impossible for the Eagles to score touchdowns at the rate they do if they don’t have a second threat in the passing game.

Kearse helps on those fronts.

Even better, he’s got the potential to be an excellent deep threat for whomever is throwing the ball to him. Sometimes, when I look at an Eagles receiver, I think “Oh, they’d be a little better with an extra year of experience.” Then I look at Kearse and realize, “Wait a second, they’d be much better with an extra year of experience.”

It’s true. In 2013, he only had 35 catches for 412 yards and two touchdowns. In 2014, he had 43 catches for 649 yards and three touchdowns. Nobody else in this league has had a season like that.

Philadelphia can go to Kearse for the deep ball and have him be effective. He’s an elite football player. He’s more polished and refined than Butler and Mack. To say he’s a steal for Philadelphia would be selling him short.

What is the measure of a true steal? Is it when something is so obvious that it’s a little bit of a stretch? Is it