Delphi In Depth: FireDAC Downloa

by talaora
Published: September 11, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Delphi In Depth: FireDAC Downloa



Delphi In Depth: FireDAC Downloa

Details about an up-and-coming change coming to DX/FireDAC and the related components – Delphi, VCL, and C++Builder – are scarce. Details will be more plentiful in a bit, but for the moment, I’ll say that there are two changes:

That’s right: FireDAC is being completely rewritten. Note that the changes are not ready yet – so what you see here is only a partial, nearly-complete view. Note also that the changes, especially the new FireDAC, are somewhat disruptive, and you should be prepared to test your app to make sure it still functions as it used to.
The first change is the completely new FireDAC. This is going to be significant for a number of reasons, and it’s an important topic, so let’s take a look at what it means for you:

New features

Completely redesigned FireDAC from scratch: it’s much faster, it’s much more stable, it’s much more feature-complete than its predecessor (though that one is pretty good, so don’t worry), and it’s much less likely to crash. Look for more details about that in a bit.

Very scalable (it supports it from C up to 64-bit OS): FireDAC’s interface to the OS is based around a memory manager, whereby the OS manages the use of memory and supplies, as needed, physical pages when they become free. The interface to the memory manager is done via the VirtualAlloc()/Free() Windows API function, and this interface can be used directly from Delphi (Delphi, Delphi Unicode, and C++Builder), from C (using Delphi’s memory manager for C, PPC/ARM), and from C++ Builder.

Scalable to support many different platforms (via FireDAC’s ISCALL provider interface): see here for a description of the ISCALL provider interface. This lets you use FireDAC from C++Builder and support a number of different platforms – including Linux and OS/X – with little additional code.

Scalable to support many different database engines (via FireDAC’s ILib provider interface): see here for a description of the ILib provider interface. This lets you use FireDAC from C++Builder and support a number of different databases – including Informix and Sybase – with little additional code.

Delphi/C++Builder access to a range of database engines

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Looking For delphi Database Classes?. You will need to download the latest version of Delphi and then the latest FireDac packages from the following location:
Domain Name: Download.html 2017-03-23 always 1.0.
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Having Trouble with FireDac in Delphi. For FireDac itself, download the latest version of FireDac and then Delphi. Finally, download the FireDac Embarcadero (FDDEB) update and reinstall.
Delphi. FireDac. 2011-02-12 19.04: [22.32] Delphi. FireDac. The FireDac Components and the Delphi IDE. This is the internal Delphi RTL interface (code generator) for FireDac.

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