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package de.stetro.master.presentation.interfaces;

import android.content.Context;
import android.view.View;

import de.stetro.master.presentation.presenter.RequestInteractor;
import de.stetro.master.presentation.presenter.RequestInteractorFactory;
import de.stetro.master.presentation.ui.RequestState;

* Created by meri on 07.08.2017.
public interface RequestInteractorFactoryProvider {

RequestInteractor create(RequestState requestState);

Context getContext();

Efficacy and safety of androgen suppression in selected male patients with chemotherapy-induced leukopenia.
In the field of cancer chemotherapy, chemotherapy-induced leukopenia is a feared complication of therapy, and many studies have tried to evaluate the efficacy of androgen suppression in ameliorating this complication. Many studies have reported that androgen suppression might ameliorate the incidence of chemotherapy-induced le

. 2-2 and a 2-3 in the opening round at Bellator 185. “That may be a tough matchup to place him,” Carlito said of Fabiano. “But that’s what I’m going to keep on training for, that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

And while he said there are no hard feelings or names being thrown around yet, it seems like he’s keeping his options open.

“That’s what I’m preparing for,” he said. “But I don’t think the people would want to fight him.”Doblet Charterhouse

Doblet Charterhouse is a former Carthusian monastery in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. It was founded in 1463 by Henry IV and completed in 1475. It was one of the first English Carthusian monasteries.

The Great Charter House in London was built on the same site in the 16th century as the legacy of Sir Thomas Poyntz. In 1798 the ruins of the Charter House were acquired by Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, who had leased the site from the Earls of Bedford, and they were incorporated into the foundations of his new house, Castle Heights, Watlington.

The almshouses, established as a legacy from Sir John Woodford, a City Alderman and Lord Mayor of London, in about 1758–1759, are Grade II* listed. The building, now set in gardens, is mostly 19th-century.

See also
Aylesbury Vale Cemetery


Category:Charterhouses in England
Category:Demolished buildings and structures in England
Category:Monasteries in Buckinghamshire
Category:Carthusian monasteries in England
Category:Ruins in Buckinghamshire
Category:7th-century establishments in England
Category:Aylesbury ValeQ:

What does “a really nice book” mean in context?

One of the tags on this question is “a really nice book”.

What is the “really nice” part modelled on?
What is its meaning?


Really nice often refers to something which is good, but not necessarily very nice. For example, it is not uncommon to hear people say things like “A really nice apartment

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