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1. Technical Field
The present invention relates to a wireless terminal, a power supply method for the same, and a power supply system.
2. Related Art
In a communication terminal, such as a mobile phone, a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) terminal, or the like, from which a terminal device executes a process to perform predetermined communication with a partner terminal device, a communication process of carrying out information communication is performed in each frame. A communication process is carried out within one frame, and thereby the reliability of communication is maintained. However, a communication process is performed in several frames in a predetermined communication distance or communication quality based on a hierarchical structure. Therefore, a power supply operation is performed for each of the frames, and the time for which the terminal device executes a communication process is continued, thereby reducing power consumption.
In recent years, a communication terminal including a device which controls power supply to a CPU (central processing unit) to execute a process to communicate with a partner terminal has been suggested (for example, see JP-A-2011-115936). This type of communication terminal includes a control unit for controlling power supply to a CPU based on communication states such as a communication distance and a communication quality, and controlling the supply of power to the CPU.
However, in the communication terminal described in JP-A-2011-115936, although power consumption of the CPU can be reduced, communication performance may deteriorate depending on a communication distance at which the communication terminal executes communications. For example, in some communication terminal, the current consumed by the CPU of the communication terminal is represented by the sum of a current consumed by the CPU and a current consumed by a communication module which performs data communication. In this communication terminal, for example, the current consumed by the CPU is usually set to be relatively large compared to the current consumed by the communication module. In this case, when the communication distance at which the communication terminal executes communications is long, the power consumption of the communication module may increase, thereby reducing communication performance.“A minor mistake in figuring the sum could lead to pretty awesome implications,” Pichai wrote in a memo circulated to employees Tuesday.


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How do I safely send a datum from a content script?

I have a function in a content script which needs to send data to the remote server, like a GET request. Since it’s not in a background tab and I do not want to run it automatically (it’s triggered by a search change, is triggered on every search even if it’s not a query search). How can I do it safely? I cannot use the Message Passing API, because it should be triggered not by the publisher.


This is an untested example, but I think it should work.
First, get a unique flag from the server, say, something like “gflag”.
If you’re using (firefox >=5, chrome >=8):

add a listener to the onmessage event.
if (event.origin!== browser.runtime.getBackgroundPage()

The content script will receive a data in the onmessage event.

message.source is your extension / content script,
message.origin is the origin of the event. it’s the tab where the event was fired, is the data you want to send back to the server.

If you’re using (firefox >=6, chrome >=4):

bind to the postMessage function