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Clo Show Player 2 Free Download With Crackl
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found that a month after the occurrence, the middle ear with perforation had healed well. Therefore, a good postoperative hearing outcome can be expected.

As previous studies, we performed a majority of middle ear reconstruction using the tympanic membrane (TM) perforation type in order to reduce TM perforation. However, we found that when we removed the earwax from the TM and used the perforated TM, then the middle ear cavity length was deepened and the middle ear air pressure increased. Furthermore, we found that the length of the perforation did not affect the hearing outcome. These results may be attributed to many reasons: we performed a middle ear reconstruction when the infection has been controlled to the point where the TM was perforated. As time passes, the middle ear becomes dry and the middle ear air pressure decreases. Thus, the perforated TM tends to heal more readily and the middle ear air pressure is significantly reduced. Therefore, in order to increase the hearing outcome, the middle ear structure should be repaired only after the postoperative TM has healed; thus, the perforated TM should be used without the earwax on it.

According to our study, a postoperative hearing gain was confirmed in patients with a perforated TM compared with those with intact TMs. Therefore, the perforated TM can be used in middle ear reconstruction to obtain a good hearing outcome.

In a previous study, it was reported that when the TM is perforated, but air pressure remains, infection is likely to be sustained; thus, the TM must be closed to prevent infection [[@B12]].

Kim et al. reported that to optimize the hearing outcome of patients with TM perforation, they should repair the