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AVS Audio Editor7.1.3.444 Free KeygenPolice seize drugs in Purley in Morningside

Community Policing in Morningside is improving after police seized £1,700 worth of drugs from a home in Purley Walk.

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On Saturday, at around 5.30am, a number of uniformed officers from Morningside Neighbourhood Policing Unit searched an address in Purley Walk.

The search was part of a uniform operation, focusing on recycling opportunities, that saw at least six households in the area searched.

Officers found a quantity of cash in two separate property searches and a number of items of drug paraphernalia in a third house.

Police arrested a 36-year-old man who was living at the address and have charged him with four offences.

A total of £1,731 worth of crack cocaine was seized, worth approximately £170 per gram, along with £10 worth of cannabis, £90 worth of syringes and the rest of the items in a search warrant.

Four unnamed householders were not arrested in connection with this case.

Following the investigation, police are now looking at other opportunities to recover other property stolen in the area.Enforcement actions against environmental violations by U.S. health care organizations: 1999-2006.
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