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Published: July 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Name Anomalies – Music Collection
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 662 votes )
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Anomalies is a 3D spatial sound composer. It creates complex musical compositions by using pieces of music as its “pixels” and then arranging them all together, like a mosaic.
Each Anomaly is a unique 3D sound ‘pitch’ that is affected by the way it is “heard” by a player who approaches it, which is controlled by a set of variables. This means that the sounds made by an Anomaly have subtle variations based on the player’s movement or proximity to the Anomaly. This allows you to weave a unique musical piece out of the sounds you create in the endless combinations Anomalies provides.
Anomalies is also able to be run as a plugin for your music software and you can also modify the sound by changing their properties such as octave, tuning, repeat and more.
– Take control of the entire music production process! Anomalies can be used as an external software sound editor or used as a stand alone 3D sound generator.
– Anomalies can be easily modded and even included with future updates.
– Anomaly trees can be used to create music from the ground up or evolve existing music that you may already have.
– Anomalies is capable of producing new rhythms as the player walks through the three dimensional music.
– Anomalies creates intricate soundscapes by switching between overlapping layers of different Anomalies at every moment.
– Anomalies can be used as music for videogames, adverts, video intros, video games, visual effects, games, applications, educational use, movies, music videos, concerts, dance, film, and more.
– Anomalies can be easily integrated with existing multimedia editing software like Fruity Loops, Unreal, GarageBand, Pro Tools, etc. and you can use Anomalies as the sound source in your video and add audio content to your images.
– Anomalies was designed to work on any platform and will run on any computer, no plugins, no drivers or costly software required.
– Anomalies costs no more than the popular audio plug-ins that only add a few hundred dollars and use a few gigabytes of hard drive space.
– Anomalies was designed with purpose, elegance and perfection in mind and is capable of creating music that extends well beyond “just” apps.
– Anomalies is currently available on Steam for Windows and Mac OS. Linux support is planned for


Anomalies – Music Collection Features Key:

  • Play the game and examine the strange and mysterious world of science
  • Collect the “fundamental particles” of matter. See the forbidden city of science!
  • Discover secrets and solve puzzles
  • Download new content – turn the game into your own fun science experiment that will remain in development.
  • Using the game key:

    • Enter the game on the Windows Store
    • Install the game
    • Play
    • Activate the full version! To play with all in-game advantages, input the game key

    About the game (copy to clipboard):

    Anomalies – Music Collection is an original new puzzle game for PC (Windows), written exclusively by Bright Eyes. This game consists of separate mini-games for each puzzle. For example, there are eight puzzles including 3D puzzle, logic, picture, and many others.

    The puzzle images and descriptions are not put into the rules, and also they are many puzzles. The puzzles are not linear, and the player will find a solution or a puzzle in the engine. Because of that, the players can experiment with the puzzles as they see fit.

    The game is developed in Unity3D, used for PC and tablets. The engine provides a wide and deep set of features and functions that we need in this project.


    Anomalies – Music Collection

    This DLC collection contains 4 separate albums of previously recorded Anomalies music. You can listen to them from your music player if you have Anomalies already installed.
    Release: 05-03-15
    Price: 49,99 €
    System Requirements:

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    We continue to work on it and we will be happy to update this post with the status as we go./*
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    import org.


    Anomalies – Music Collection With Keygen Download (2022)

    This is a collection of four Albums I created with the Anomalies software. It is a small sample of the many different kinds of sounds and songs that Anomalies is capable of producing. One of the ideas I had in mind while programming Anomalies, was to make a sort of musical instrument of the future, one which writes its own music. I would love to see what other creative people might do with the software, some ideas I’ve had include writing lyrics over a particular Anomaly’s sounds, playing the sounds on a different instrument, or accompanying the Anomaly with other music. You can also replace individual sounds if you read the discussion about modding sounds in the Anomalies Community Hub.In this DLC there are two distinct albums of Anomalies music.Track List:Anomalies Volume 4CrownsNothing’s ProblemBrinkStar SpawnTrilateralCetaceanSilhouetteWavesWeirdnessOrbitingZigguratAnomalies VRandom RiverChaotic OrderGarden of LightStellar PointsTremulousSuper SymmetryAltered StateDowntownSacred ChimesExalted DisorderHelter-SkelterPacificOscillationThe First Three Anomalies Records are actually included with Anomalies already. You can access them through your music player if you have Anomalies in your Steam Library.AnomaliesAnomaly 1Anomaly 2Anomaly 3Anomaly 4Anomaly 5Anomaly 6Anomaly 7Anomaly 8Anomaly 9Anomaly 10Anomaly 11Anomaly 12Nebula (Bonus track)Anomalies IICircularDeep OceanDoubtFields of GrassFigure 8GullsPitter PatterOceanicSentimentalSpider WebTittlemouseWorking HarmonyQuiet RoomSpringAnomalies IIIDistanceKettle DrumGridlockSuspenseCubesSwarmsOld SymmetryTruancyLong WindTroubled MarchRed SunsetSailing Skies
    Game “Anomalies – Music Collection” Gameplay:

    I love your game, but I feel compelled to say I don’t like the sound of the guitar synths at all. The album I posted has the orchestral version which works ok with my suggestions. But please do update the game.

    I like the idea of a game in which you can sing which is actually quite original.

    But I’m actually playing the game on the ultra realistic setting, and it feels like there are some weird offset lines. The sound


    What’s new in Anomalies – Music Collection:

    anomalies – Music CollectionenShameless Plug – Collections at TotalMusic
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    System Requirements For Anomalies – Music Collection:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4570 (3.40GHz) or better
    Intel® Core™ i5-4570 (3.40GHz) or better Memory: 8GB RAM
    8GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 4850
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 4850 Free Disk Space: 10 GB
    10 GB Other: 3D Acceleration,


    Name Anomalies – Music Collection
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 662 votes )
    Update (14 days ago)


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