5.55 JDPaint-torrent.rar

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5.55 JDPaint-torrent.rar


5.55 JDPaint-torrent.rar

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5.55 JDPaint-torrent.rar
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5.56 Jdpainttorrent.rar
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Application with a front-end using Play Framework

Application with a front-end using Play Framework
Hello, I’m developing an application on a front-end using the Play Framework and I have some problems to implement the project structure.
Based on a previous project, I have already completed the front-end, I can do the CRUD easily, webscaffolds and WebGen.
I have the following project structure:

I want to export only a WAR and publish the project. So, I have two questions:
1) Is it possible to export only a WAR without changing the project directory structure?
2) Is it possible to change the directory structure to where the project will be installed?
Thanks in advance!


You can’t export a single WAR file out of a Play project, but you can have different WAR files generated from one Play project.
Exporting out of a WAR is currently an open issue at the moment, however, a patch could be submitted against the Play! webapp to allow this.
To help with the directory structure, you’ll need to use a different build tool. WebGen works out of the box with Play! and has some scalability benefits because it looks a lot like how the internal Play! compile code works.
There’s a little extra work to do when using WebGen when it comes to environment variables and setting up the relative paths to templates, but you can see more info about how it works in here.
If you use Maven to build your Play! app with, here’s how you would set up your webgen plugin. You can then use the wargoal as a command line parameter when you generate your WAR with WebGen.

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